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Today we give away a Fatih Database, some Catholic Hack! T-Shirts and dive deep into birth control with returning guest Victor Claveau. We received some great feedback from last weeks show so stick around… let’s talk about it.

Victor’s Website

Victor is eminently qualified to write and speak on a wide variety of subjects relating to the Catholic religion as he has been a full-time evangelist and Director of the “Evangelization Station” since 1989. He is also the founder and past president of the Pope John Paul II Society of Evangelists and School of Evangelization , Inc. ™

He is the author of Bible Sabotage; Scripture Through History; The 7% Solution: A Guide to Evangelization at the Parish, Community, or Diocesan Level; The Lord has Done Great Things (audio book); and editor/author of Welcome Home! Stories of Fallen-away Catholics Who Came Back (Ignatius Press). His articles have been published in Lay Witness, Columbia , Miles Jesu, Christian Order and This Rock magazines. He is a member of Miles Jesu (Soldiers of Jesus). Victor also has Graduate Degrees in Management and Human Behavior and has been a long-time member of the Fellowship of Catholic Scholars.

Victor has lectured on Catholic doctrine, apologetics, and evangelization both nationally and internationally. He loves the Church and has been gifted with the ability to take difficult theological concepts and make them easily understandable to the average lay person. He delivers the Catholic Church’s teaching with common sense, wit and wisdom.

Victor may be contacted for speaking engagements at (760) 220-6818 or E-mail:

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