Behold The Man No. 1

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  1. Al


    First I have to say your radio station is HOT “Catolicos Con Vida” We love it here. so
    thank you for all your work.

    I want to say that Joe you where what I needed in my life as I listen
    at 10pm our time. I was looking for something and I click on
    the radio and I heard you. It was like Joe you where talking about my life
    and i thank you for the life you live now. I hope I can change my lust ways
    too if only I open it all to JESUS. Please Joe email me the book tilte you
    where talking about.

    I moved from Florida to Chile to see if I can change
    my ways but I see it is not the place its asking GOD to work in my life and
    for me to get into the WORD as Delia say.

    Joe, I will listen to you every Monday right?

    Peace, Al

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