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The Catholic Hack! Episode No. 6 – The Authenticity and Historicity of Scripture

Hello once again! Download the Mp3’s @: or you can go to: My Feed Burner site The picture is of a fragment of the Gospel of St. John from the 1st half of the 2nd century. Site with info on the fragment: In this show I wanted to talk about the authenticity and […]

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The Catholic Hack! Episode No. 4 Infant Baptism

Habemus Pravulus! – We Have a Baby! Welcome Back to the 4th Episode of the Catholic Hack. In this show I wanted to announce the birth of my son, John-Paul, and to take this opportunity to discuss Infant Baptism. I was kind-a rushed for time on this one so please forgive me for blazing through […]

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The Catholic Hack Episode No 3 – Confession!

Welcome back to the Catholic Hack! In this episode I hope to show you that God, from the very beginning, desired to give us the model of Confession that the Catholic Church now celebrates. CCC: 1423 It is called the sacrament of conversion because it makes sacramentally present Jesus’ call to conversion, the first step […]

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