Behold The Man No. 34 The Tomb is Empty!

Image of resurrection

[Note: This was originally postes back in 2010] Today, on “Behold The Man” we praise God for making it through the desert of Lent, the pain of Good Friday, and reaching the empty tomb & resurrection glory! The new Adam accomplished what Continue reading

Genesis 3 Adam the High Priest of the Garden

image of Christ in the garden

Genesis 3 Adam the High Priest of the Garden Continue reading

Behold The Man No 85 A Man After God’s Own Heart!


Today, on Behold The Man… Why was David a Man after God’s own heart? Does that mean God condones ALL David did, like his many wives? No! We find out in this episode. Continue reading

Linking The Garden Of Eden To The Garden Of Calvary


I want to thank the men of the “Catholic Men’s Retreat” of Wyoming for inviting me to speak to them about one my favorite subjects… typology! In this series of 6 lectures we attempted to examine the question… why did Jesus have to suffer and die just to redeem us from our sin. If Jesus is God, then why not just will our redemption? To go through so much for us, the mocking, the stripes of the scourging, the crown of thorns, the out-pouring of his blood, being cut off from his people and nailed to a tree… there must have been a very good reason. In the seeking the answer to this question we endeavor to become the “Man in the Garden!”
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Behold The Man No 84 The Ascension, the Kingdom and the Mission of the Church!

Ascension of Jesus

Today, on Behold The Man we are looking at the link between Jesus’ ascension, the coming of the Kingdom and the missionary charisim of the Catholic Church. Why are we sent? Because the Kingdom is at hand!
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Behold The Man No 83 The Rapture


This week on “Behold The Man” we look at the Rapture. Where did it come from? Is it in scripture? What does the Catholic Church teach? Continue reading

Behold The Man No 82 Sola Scriptura


This week on “Behold The Man” we take on the topic of sola scriptura or scripture alone. Where is scripture alone found in scripture? That’s the big question as we look at why the Church teaches a both tradition and scripture approach to passing on the Gospel. Continue reading