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(Video & Audio) John Paul II, Shame, and Me!

I gave this talk at the opening ceremony of the John Paul II Film Festival in Miami, FL; its a combination of a talk I give on “Shame & Continence” from John Paul II “Love & Responsibility” and my own testimony on growing up with pornography, sexual license, how God delivered me from it, and how John Paul II taught me to use shame as a tool for spiritual success. You can hear my full testimony, and a more detailed talk on “Shame” on my site… click on “Book The Hack” at the top… links to the talks are on the bottom of that page.

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Talk on Shame at Hester’s Cafe in Corpus Christi, TX

My talk on Shame from John Paul II’s “Love and Responsibility” from Hester’s Cafe in Corpus Christi, TX. You can listen all of the lectures at following site: Love and Responsibility Lecture Series The Live Video: Android | RSS | Check out the podcast resource page!

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