Behold The Man No. 18 The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Getting back to “A Father Who Keeps His Promises” (Ch. 4) by Dr. Scott Hahn, today, we look at Genesis Ch. 4, 5, & 6 and dive deep into Cain, & Able, as well as the good line through Seth and the bad line through Cain and his decedents.  We set the stage for the […]

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The Catholic New Media Institute & ChristmasLent Giving!

With the inaguration of the first annual ChristmasLent Planned Giving Campaign, is proud to announce the formation of the Catholic New Media Institute and the Institute’s major event – CatholiCon (plus the Live webcast of the Catholic New Media Awards!). How you can help? To make The Catholic New Media Institute happen we need […]

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Behold The Man No. 17 The Real Presence in the Eucharist Part 2

Today, I felt the need to continue the discussion on the real presence of Christ in the Holy Eucharist. We tackle “The Spirit who gives life” in John 6, as well as “Do this in remembrance of me” found in Luke 22, and elsewhere.  I also show how the first century church absolutely believed, and […]

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Fullness of Truth Episode No. 15 "The Eucharist & St. Paul" Part 1

Steve Ray is a dynamic and energetic friend of Fullness of Truth who always steels the show! In this talk, given in Arlington, TX in 2008, at “The Gospel of St. Paul”, Steve shows the Eucharistic theology of St. Paul. For more information on Steve Ray go to: Android | RSS | Check […]

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Behold The Man No. 16 Christ truly present in the Eucharist

Today, we talk about the Catholic Church’s doctrine of the real presence of Jesus in the Holy Eucharist.  I’ve been taking a poll on the site and found that 91% do believe in this teaching but, I know there are many who do not.  So let’s dive into it! If you want more on the […]

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Michael Hichborn 540-907-5828 November 20, 2009 31 CCHD-FUNDED GROUPS SUPPORTED, TRAINED BY PRO-ABORTION, HOMOSEXUAL MARRIAGE ACTIVISTS CCHD Still in Denial as Nov. 22 Collection Approaches FRONT ROYAL, VA — As thousands of Catholic parishes across the country prepare for the annual Catholic Campaign for Human Development collection Nov. 22, […]

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Good money gone bad!

On Friday my good friend Rob Gasper, from, as well as Michael Hitchborne, from American Life League, were guests of  Raymond Arroyo on EWTN’s “The World Over Live”.   They were discussing the misguided funding, from Catholics in the USA, of non-Catholic groups, who support abortion, homosexual “marriage”, contraception, and more, by the Catholic […]

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