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Behold The Man No 51 Act of the will

We look at how Jesus used his WILL POWER to be perfectly obedient to the Father which redeems us all and unties the knot of disobedience of Adam. We too can use will power to over come our own situation, look past our emotions, and face the mountina along with our Lord. * The SHOW NOTES, click HERE, […]

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Time to play: Name that Old Testament Prototype! @ CatholicHack.com

It’s time, once again to play… “Name that Old Testament Prototype!” How to play: Al from PA, and Roy from TX… sorry bro’s you will have ti sit this one out! I will give you the New Testament verses, and fulfillment… the reality which the prototype pointed to,  and you will have to give me […]

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Behold The Man No. 9

Today we talk about Love & Suffering & 9/11! Tie-ing it all to the Cross of Christ is what gives our suffering meaning. Opening our show today was “Love, Love, Love” by Tom Booth… check out his website here. Really could use your help with reviews on iTunes! Subscribe, rate and review today! Click here […]

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