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You are Priest, Prophet, and King!

Click the play button above. We serve the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, sharing His ministry as Priest, Prophet, and King, we are the King’s Men! If Christ was so willing to give up his life, for us, to provide us with LIFE poured out in the sacraments, His Church, His Name, […]

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Behold The Man No 78 The Triumphal Entry! Part 1

This week on “Behold The Man” we look at Jesus’ trimphal entry into Jerusalem as the NEW Solomon, the NEW Son of David. But… he brings with him a NEW Priesthood!

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Behold The Man No. 35 The Kingdom

Today, on Behold The Man we talk about the Kingdom of God & the readings from the 2nd Sunday of Easter. It’s a fascinating topic, the Kingdom of God, especially when you look at it in light of the Old Testament. We dive deep into the book of Daniel, 1 Kings, Acts, John, Luke, Revelation, and elsewhere to get a glimpse into the nature and reality of the Kingdom of God.

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