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Behold the Man No 80 The Day I Nailed Him To The Cross!

This week on Behold The Man I will tell you the story of when I beat and mocked our Lord. When I scourged him, crowned him the thorns and nailed him to the tree! I am the one who sent him to the grave but it was God wh orasied him to forgive even me… a sinner!

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The Catholic Hack! Episode No. 13 – The Priesthood

If it walks like a Duck… If it talks like a Duck… must be a duck… Right? RSS FILE: http://www.joemcclane.com/joemcclane/The_Catholic_Hack!_Podcast/rss.xml Show Notes: The_Catholic_Hack_No13_The_Priesthood.pdf Why We Have a Ministerial Priesthood.doc God’s Airplane.doc Download MP3’s: The Catholic Hack! FeedBurner site: My Feed Burner site Call the FeedBack line: 206-888-1732 Welcome back to the Catholic Hack, In this […]

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