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The Sacrament of Matrimony

image of Joe & Michelle on their wedding day

I was greatly blessed this week to be asked to teach an RCIA class at St. Edward Catholic Church, in Spring, TX, on the Sacrament of Matrimony.  It was a great joy to share the Churches teaching on Marriage, especially since my wife and I are celebrating our twelfth year of marriage this coming week. Download the outline to this […]

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Behold the Man No. 52 The 30 Day Challenge for Marriage

Today, on “Behold the Man” we talk about the 30 day challenge for marriage. We also look at what marriage is, what it is NOT. We take a quick trip through salvation history to see how it began and how it ended up… then how, our Lord raised it to a new level.

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Behold The Man No 51 Act of the will

We look at how Jesus used his WILL POWER to be perfectly obedient to the Father which redeems us all and unties the knot of disobedience of Adam. We too can use will power to over come our own situation, look past our emotions, and face the mountina along with our Lord. * The SHOW NOTES, click HERE, […]

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