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Behold The Man No 79 The Triumphal Entry! Part 2

This week on “Behold The Man” we look at how Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem on a Donkey kicks off a NEW 8 day festival that perfects the feast of Tabernacles, Hanukkah and so much more! A new King of peace brings a new Priesthood, and a new Feast!

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Behold The Man No 78 The Triumphal Entry! Part 1

This week on “Behold The Man” we look at Jesus’ trimphal entry into Jerusalem as the NEW Solomon, the NEW Son of David. But… he brings with him a NEW Priesthood!

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The Catholic Hack! Episode No 48 – Palm Sunday

Welcome Back! Congratulations to Brad from Indiana who dove deep to give us an answer as to why our Catholic bibles have more books thank our protestant brothers and sisters. We also talk feedback, angels and prayer. Then we role up our sleeves and diver deep to get into the significance of Palm Sunday. God […]

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