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The Passion of David compared to the Passion of Jesus

Did you know that Jesus was not the first in scripture to undergo a “Passion”? Jesus was not the first to cross the Kidron Valley at night, not the first to climb the Mount of Olives in sorrow, nor the first shepherd to be struck so that the sheep might scatter! Have you ever heard of the passion of KingDavid? Read 2 Samuel 15 through 20… here are the highlights!

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Behold the Man No 80 The Day I Nailed Him To The Cross!

This week on Behold The Man I will tell you the story of when I beat and mocked our Lord. When I scourged him, crowned him the thorns and nailed him to the tree! I am the one who sent him to the grave but it was God wh orasied him to forgive even me… a sinner!

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Behold The Man No 69 The Law of Love

Why did God have to take on flesh and dwell among us? Why did he have to suffer and die to redeem us? Answer, LOVE. Today, on “Behold the Man” we look at the Law of Love in Salvation History!

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