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Behold The Man No. 68 Once Saved Always Saved

  This week on “Behold the Man”, we look at the protestant doctrine of once saved always saved. Can one be assured of eternal security… no matter what they do? No, why? Because we must endure to the end. * The SHOW NOTES, click HERE, to download a PDF copy. * Watch the VIDEO version of […]

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Behold The Man No. 65 Transitive Property and Salvation outside the Catholic Church!

Today on “Behold The Man”: Transitive Property & Salvation outside the Catholic Church! If A=B, & B=C, Then A=C! If (A) Salvation is equal to (B) Jesus Christ, and (B) Jesus Christ being equal to ( C ) the Catholic Church, then (A) Salvation MUST be equal to ( C ) The Catholic Church!

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