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Linking The Garden Of Eden To The Garden Of Calvary

I want to thank the men of the “Catholic Men’s Retreat” of Wyoming for inviting me to speak to them about one my favorite subjects… typology! In this series of 6 lectures we attempted to examine the question… why did Jesus have to suffer and die just to redeem us from our sin. If Jesus is God, then why not just will our redemption? To go through so much for us, the mocking, the stripes of the scourging, the crown of thorns, the out-pouring of his blood, being cut off from his people and nailed to a tree… there must have been a very good reason. In the seeking the answer to this question we endeavor to become the “Man in the Garden!”

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Behold The Man No 78 The Triumphal Entry! Part 1

This week on “Behold The Man” we look at Jesus’ trimphal entry into Jerusalem as the NEW Solomon, the NEW Son of David. But… he brings with him a NEW Priesthood!

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Behold The Man No 73 Rock Solid

This week on “Behold The Man”, we look back through the mountain and mediators of Salvation history to see what they all had in common. Then we look at how it is all perfected in the NEW mountain, the ROCK of St. Peter.

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