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Behold The Man No. 37 Bride of the Lamb!

Today on “Behold The Man” we take a look at Revelation 21 & the Bride of the Lamb who is measured at her wedding!  As we pursue this mystery we uncover a very profound truth… we, the Bride of the Lamb, are ONE with him & we make up the most intimate, and personal part of God… […]

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Behold The Man No. 36 Feed My Sheep

Today, on Behold The Man, we look at the Gospel reading from the 3rd Sunday of Easter… St. John chapter 21. Here we see our Lord ask St. Peter 3 times if he loves then commanding him and to feed his sheep.  This chapter is packed so full of symbolism, and fulfillment of other NT verses that […]

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Behold the Man No. 32 – “The Mercy of The Father”

Today on Behold The Man, we dive a little deeper into St. Luke 15:11-32 & St. John 4 as we see how much Our Father has great love for his children. We also see how the “Prodigal Son” & the “Woman at the Well” were also direct encounters with God in bringing back together his family, the Jews & the Israelite’s, the chosen people of God. Its a beautiful scene of the vastness of God’s mercy for us all!

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