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Today, we role up our sleeves and dive deep into what it means to vote Catholic. We are at a critical junction in the USA and we must not forget what matters most in the upcoming election… LIFE. To talk about this I brought in Josh LeBlanc from and Adam Andrejcio from Theotokos podcast.

Part 1

Part 2

Some Essentials:
Article on Arch-Bishop Chaput
PDF – Voters Guide from Envoy Magazine
VIDEO of Eduardo Verastegui on Abortion!!!

Catholic Answers Voter Guide Video:

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  1. MPC

    Listening to Part 2, and though I agree with everything, I need to do a little fact checking. Hitler DID NOT win election to the Nazi Party by one vote. This is false. Please, DO NOT QUOTE this to friends, it is not true.

    From Wikipedia:

    “The executive committee of the DAP eventually backed down and Hitler’s demands were put to a vote of party members. Hitler received 543 votes for and only one against. At the next gathering on 29 July 1921, Adolf Hitler was introduced as Führer of the National Socialist Party, marking the first time this title was publicly used.”

    God bless!

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