The Catholic Hack Episode No 25 – Vain Repetition

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Matthew 6:7 But when ye pray, use not vain repetitions, as the heathen do: for they think that they shall be heard for their much speaking. (King James Version)

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Welcome Back!

Today, I wanted to share with you a great conversation I had with Apologist, and Radio show host, John Martignoni. The problem with that is the conversation was cut off, after an hour and a half, and the file was lost… never to be heard again. This is what you get when you deal with a Hack like me.

I do, however, have a 7 minute fragment from the “Lost interview with John Martignoni” that I will share with you today. The Audio quality is not so good but I think it will serve as a teaser for the “mulligan” interview I will conduct in December.

Today, we also discuss Matthew 6:7 and weather or not Catholics are in violation of Jesus’ words about “Vain Repetition” when we pray the Rosary (for example). Have a listen and send me your feedback.

Also, the first one to send me some feedback on the “homework” assignment will get a free Catholic Hack! T-Shirt. Listen to the podcast for more details.

I pray that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

God Bless
Joe M
The Catholic Hack!

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  1. yabby

    I love listening to your podcast. I always have something to look for information about after. Your homework got me so involved that I forgot what in particular I was looking for. I’ve been learning much about the sacrifices in the Old Testament. So far I haven’t seen “Toa Da” or any other spelling. Maybe it would help if you told us just how to spell it?
    Thank you for covering such wonderful topics and keeping me thinking!

  2. Joe McClane

    Hi Yabby,

    It’s great to see that you are researching it; thank you. The spelling is Todah and you will have to dig deeper than the pages of the Old T. I will give you a good starting place though. Dr. Tim Grey wrote a great article about this… I don’t want to make it to easy (LOL).

    If you still have trouble let me know and I will post a link to the article.

    It is my pleasure to produce this podcast and simply because you are digging into your faith… makes it worth it.

    God Bless
    Joe M
    The Catholic Hack!

  3. yabby

    Found the article. It’s amazing what proper spelling will do. I just pasted it in “Good Search” and the article was first on the list.
    [quote]This leads us to one of the key fruits of a todah — or Eucharistic — spirituality: A deep sense of thankfulness leads to worship. Worship flows from gratitude; cut off from gratitude the will to worship withers.[end quote]
    Thank you for calling it to my attention!

  4. Anne

    Hi, thanks for the links. This was cool, I was looking for an anime .hack on iTunes and found this podcast instead. =D (They don’t have it, phooey! but God had better in mind I guess.) The rosary has blessed me more than just about anything so far. It focused my prayer life at a time I so needed that and to me it has been like the gift with purchase of this whole looking more into this Catholic business journey. I liked the podcast, especially how you keep ‘vainly repeating’ so the point is … it’s not repetition that’s bad, it’s vain repetition, to me sort of practically correlating what you were saying to the modern teaching technique everyone knows of saying the same thing over and over until it sinks in, if ever. 😉

    I think saying otherwise is pretty facetious anyway in that no one really believes that there is something morally wrong in repeating a prayer. Thanks much for sharing and hope you have an awesome Advent from a candidate for post-baptismal catechesis still trying to figure this all out! 🙂

  5. Joe McClane

    Hi Anne,

    Thank you for taking the time to listen, send feedback and post a review for me on iTunes; I sincerly appreciate it.

    I also really appreciate the encouragement and hope that you will continue to listen and plug in. I am glad you are on the journey with us and my family and I will be praying for you. God works in powerful ways.

    The Rosary is such a gift; isn’t it? It’s truly the way to the heart of Christ. It centers, brings calmness and peace to my life and allows me to hear the words of our Lord in my prayer. Its great to hear that you are praying the Rosary.

    God Bless
    Joe M
    The Catholic Hack!

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