The Catholic Hack! Episode No 47 – Gut Check! Part 4

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Show Notes:
Tarek Saab (born September 24, 1978 in New Bedford, Massachusetts) was a candidate on NBC’s The Apprentice 5. He is the President of T. Saab Media, Inc. and the co-founder of Lionheart Apparel, a men’s clothing line he launched after his debut on The Apprentice. He has been named Kipling’s “Who’s Who Among Executives and Business Professionals” for 2008. He is a popular Catholic speaker and his book entitled Gut Check: Confronting Love, Work and Manhood in Your Twenties will release March 1st, 2008 through Spence Publishing.

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  1. kingsalomon

    I just found your podcast and think your interviews are great. How about trying to get some religious like Fr. Pacwa?

    In your interview with Tim Staples you mentioned evangelizing to Catholics can be difficult. I totally agree. I’d like to hear an episode on how to challenge cafeteria Catholics with orthodoxy. The often don’t think they need evangelizing because they are already Catholic. Or they are extremely hostile because their priests have told them it is ok to be a cafeteria Catholic. This is a very tough situation. On the other end of the spectrum, there are radical traditionalists. They are often very familiar with church documents and really make you do your homework. They may try to engage you in a debate over Latin grammar.
    Anyway, keep up the good work.

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