The Catholic Hack Episode No 33– John Martignoni

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Show Notes:
John Martignoni is the Founder and President of the Bible Christian Society; an apologetics and evangelization apostolate located in Pleasant Grove, AL. From 1998-1999 he hosted The Bible Christian Hour, a weekly apologetics program on WDJC-FM – Catholic apologetics on Protestant radio. He has served as a high school Theology instructor and as General Manager of a Catholic Radio Station. He has been a past guest on EWTN’s “Life on the Rock” and “Journey Home” programs and is a frequent guest and guest host on “Catholic Answers Live!”, a nationally syndicated radio program. He currently is the host of “EWTN Open Line” a live, nationally-telecast, call-in radio program of Bible apologetics every Monday from 2:00 – 3:00 pm (Central) on the EWTN Global Catholic Radio Network.

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Welcome Back!

Finally! Its here! The John Martignoni interview. Thank you John for being gracious enough to allow me a second try. John is a great apologist with the Bible Christian Society out of Alabama. John is also the Host of EWTN’s Open Line Monday.

I think you will enjoy listening to John tell us the story of how the BCS came to be and how John found himself in the middle of a full time ministry. I have enjoyed John materials for years now and have found them to be instrumental in helping others to come to a better understanding of our faith. Do me a favor… send John and email and let him know you appreciate him taking the time (again) to be a guest on The Catholic Hack! podcast.

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