A Little “Luke 1:43” by way of “Matthew 13:10” on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception!

If Jesus is “Luke 1:32” then that MUST mean that Mary is “1 Kings 2:19”! Unlike “Jeremiah 13:18”, Our Lady… Our “John 19:27”…  will“Revelation 12:1” for all eternity because, her son is truly the “Daniel 2:37” who “Daniel 7:13 & 14” as a “Revelation 5:6”… the very“John1:29”.  Just like “1 Samuel 16:13”, whose son was “2 Samuel 7:12-14” , and whose wife “1 Kings 2:19”… how much more then“Luke 1:35”, who also was “John1:32 & 33”, which makes His mother the “Luke 1:43”, the very “2 Samuel 6:9”, the one for whom “Matthew 20:23”… once again, just like “1 Kings 2:19” did. coincidence? I think“Matthew 5:17”… after all didn’t she “John 2:5”, and sat “Acts 1:14”?  Isn’t that why her “Luke 1:38”, and not her “Luke 2:6”, makes her“Matthew 12:50”?  So remember the next time you encounter the“Isaiah 7:14”… do as the“Matthew 4:11” do when they “Luke 1:28”… for she truly is “Revelation 12:1” by God’s design!

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God Bless You this Advent Season!

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