A Little “Luke 1:43” by way of “Matthew 13:10” on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception!

If Jesus is “Luke 1:32” then that MUST mean that Mary is “1 Kings 2:19”! Unlike “Jeremiah 13:18”, Our Lady… Our “John 19:27”…  will“Revelation 12:1” for all eternity because, her son is truly the “Daniel 2:37” who “Daniel 7:13 & 14” as a “Revelation 5:6”… the very“John1:29”.  Just like “1 Samuel 16:13”, whose son was “2 Samuel 7:12-14” , and whose wife “1 Kings 2:19”… how much more then“Luke 1:35”, who also was “John1:32 & 33”, which makes His mother the “Luke 1:43”, the very “2 Samuel 6:9”, the one for whom “Matthew 20:23”… once again, just like “1 Kings 2:19” did. coincidence? I think“Matthew 5:17”… after all didn’t she “John 2:5”, and sat “Acts 1:14”?  Isn’t that why her “Luke 1:38”, and not her “Luke 2:6”, makes her“Matthew 12:50”?  So remember the next time you encounter the“Isaiah 7:14”… do as the“Matthew 4:11” do when they “Luke 1:28”… for she truly is “Revelation 12:1” by God’s design!

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God Bless You this Advent Season!

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Joe McClane – The Catholic Hack! – is the director and events coordinator for Fullness of Truth Catholic Evangelization Ministries, as well as an a Catholic New Media producer & Evangelist. He is married to his lovely wife Michelle and they have five children. The Catholic Hack | Catholic Apologetics, Theology & More!

About the Author: CatholicHack

Joe McClane is the General Manger of KSHJ 1430 AM on the Guadalupe Radio Network, Catholic radio in Houston, TX. Joe spent the last five years serving as the Director and Events Coordinator for the Fullness Of Truth Catholic Evangelization Ministries based in North Houston. Joe has been married, going on thirteen years, to Michelle, and they homeschool their five children. Joe and his family are parishioners of Annunciation Catholic Church in downtown Houston.
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