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Reviews by subscribers to The Catholic Hack! podcast feed on iTunes:

by Scardino – Mar 9, 2010
It is refreshing to hear a no-nonsense practical Catholic podcast that has real substance and a captivating delivery. Joe is real and there isn’t much more to it than that.

Anointed – Humble – Real
by BroJer – Dec 14, 2009
Brothers and Sisters,
There are many good podcasters out there to listen to. A few, in my opinion, come across as self serving with a focus on the “me”! Most that I have listened to, are very genuine, informative and inspired. Only a handful can I say are truly “anointed!” The Catholic Hack, Joe McClane, is one of them!
Having 25 years of ministry involvement, printing devotionals, (One Bread, One Body) working primarily for and with pro-life Ministries, and doing public speaking myself, I am not one to readily endorse, or promote someone, because it is the “cool” thing to do, or they may be popular in some circles, or they have a nice webpage. I honestly think we do others a disservice if we are anything but totally honest. Now please, I also do not believe in leaving negative comments and discouraging someone either!!Joe is a humble and selfless servant of Christ! His ability to articulate Church Teaching and share the Scriptures, is a gift! More than being “qualified” the HACK is “callified”! Anyone who would go to the extreme of “parking lot” podcasting, do so much with so little in the way of equipment, yet reach so many with truth, well, enough said!God Bless you, Joe, and all that you are doing to spread the “Good News”!

In Christ, Jerry Kohlbrand
Aka Bro Jer

by Mike Ell – Nov 7, 2009
Joe calls himself the “donkey that Jesus rides on”, but far from being a donkey or a hack, his podcast is informative and inspiring.

by lustig70 – Nov 4, 2009
Thanks for this podcast Joe! Provides a challege to our Catholic Faith, but is not done in a “preachy” or gulity way. LOVE THIS PODCAST! Joe is very Authentic in his faith and his podcasting.

Excellent Podcast
by kwcne – Nov 4, 2009
I started listening to Catholic podcasts about 3 months ago and this is one of my favorites.

Glad to have you back
by rajouimet – Oct 14, 2009
It was nice to get your latest podcast into my itunes feed. I enjoy your format and exegesis of Sacred Scripture.
God blees your work.
Pax et bonum

Behold the man series
by Vic Olivares – Sep 15, 2009
I love listening to Joe’s podcast. His passion for God is evident in everything he does. His talks are powerful and full of emotion. Listening to him ignites the flame within and I just want to drop to my knees and pray. Thanks Joe for helping us enrich our lives.

Awesome podcast
by imhofda – Aug 10, 2009
This is an awesome podcast!! Joe, a regular guy, really can relate to me and I am sure to other regular guys.
Joe, keep up the good work!!
ThanksGod Bless you Joe!!

Joe Is the man
by USAFCCF – Jul 7, 2009
Go Joe! Keep up the great podcasts Thanks and God Bless you!

On Fire for Christ
by The5Jones – Jun 30, 2009
Joe is On Fire for Christ! He has found his calling to evangelize through New Media. Lots of energy, passion and always true to the Church. Can’t pass up this podcast.

by oscar honeybear – Jun 16, 2009
great podcast. i love it

Very Helpful
by spectre88 – Jun 10, 2009
A great podcast run by a Christian layman. Mr. McClane has succeed in aiding with my own Christian’s spritual growth.

Setting an example and doing what we are called to do.
by point.vicente – Apr 20, 2009
Joe, You are on fire for the Faith and should continue this excellent podcast. Unbelievable how you are able to get all the big name apologists. I can’t wait until you are able to get James White on the program to talk about his conversion. Because soon or later it is going to happen. Why? Because you are fully equiped with the truth. One and only one true Faith.

Joe Rocks
by John A from NJ – Mar 18, 2009
Joe has a fire for his faith. I suggest you give him a listen as he has been there and back….

Great Podcast
by Aleighanne – Feb 22, 2009
This is a great and excellent podcast from a Catholic point of view. Joe McLane is truly an “ardent faithful Catholic!”.

Joe McClane is a credit to what Catholic Podcasting and apologetics should be
by Josh_L – Feb 22, 2009
Joe McClane’s work on the Catholic Hack has impressed me beyond words. He has an understanding of the “sensus fidei” that cradle Catholics often lack and converts often never totally grasp. The Catholic Hack’s continued work at teaching the Catholic faith in its entirely and without waver is a true testament of what all Catholics should strive to do – to teach the faith in its fullness without hesitation, trepidation, or apology. I feel privileged to be Joe’s coworked in the vineyard of the Lord!

not really catholic
by cheerdown – Feb 20, 2009
This is mainly a U.S. pro-republican minded podast-not very catholic at all. Catholicism is so much more- it includes many spectrums- as Latino who leans very much to the Left, I find no conradictions between in this to practicing catholicism. To have a podcast overtly say you cannot vote for Obama, is not very catholic at all. Many arguments could be cast to the other side as well-unjustified war, torture, greed- did Bush do anything for abortions, would have McCain-I think they were too busy wanting war…
Imperial Yankee views will not sit well with the foundation that Jesus laid..

Well Done!
by Threethumbs – Feb 2, 2009
Does a great job. Moves along nicely. Stays on point.

Great Podcast
by tjboudreaux – Jan 11, 2009
This is one of my favorite podcasts, along with the Catholic Underground. Keep up the good work Joe.

Heartfelt, Honest Revelation of the TRUTH!
by rosie54942 – Dec 28, 2008
I have been listening to this podcast for almost two years and will continue to keep it as one of my favorites. Not only do I appreciate the apologetics and the interviews, but Joe speaks so sincerely and from the heart. When he leads us in prayer, his petitions and intents are so genuine and he is able to put words to many of my own concerns, praises and prayers to our God. Thank you so much, Joe.

solid show
by DieterWeber – Dec 28, 2008
keep up the great work, Mr. McClane!

A fresh voice, crying out in the wilderness
Joe McClane’s podcasts are well worth my time, because he brings a fresh voice & perspective to our holy scriptures and through his interviews with leading Catholic authors & theologians. By listening to The Catholic Hack, I’ve grown in my own faith and have been exposed to many awesome guests – my favorites are: Kimberly Hahn, Steve Bollman & Jeff Cavins. Whether you are a cradle Catholic or a RCIA convert like myself, I recommend The Catholic Hack for anyone seeking to grow in understanding & grace of our Holy Catholic Church. God Bless you’all this Christmas! Kevin W.

Informative and enjoyable
by C_Hebie – Dec 22, 2008
Joe is relatively soft spoken, but passionate. His guests provide a wealth of information on a varety of topics. A must have on my i-Pod when I go to work!

Solid podcast, great content.
by JimmyBru – Dec 22, 2008
Joe has the knack of being clear, concise and interesting. I really like the advent special!

One of My Favorite Podcasts
by Lisa Hendey – Dec 22, 2008
Joe McClane, through his Catholic Hack show and website, is doing incredible work to support the Church and to reach out to those looking to know more about Catholicism. His interviews are insightful and interesting – Joe always asks the questions I want to have answered. His boundless faith is obvious in his empassioned approach to apologetics. Great podcast – one of my favorites!
by DrSwan – Dec 12, 2008
Very political, rightwing and uncharitable. Ugly. I could not listen.

Breathe in me
by elGaMu – Nov 27, 2008
This podcast is a great challenge to men to become men the way God made us, to lead, protect and provide. The language is simple, but profound . . . just what men need and understand. May this become a movement for the 21st Century. Amen!

Great Podcast! Report a Concern
by dgreyes – Nov 14, 2008
Joe, thanks for your podcasts. I always learn something new from you and your guests. You’re one of the podcasts that I listen to on a regular basis. God bless you and keep hackin’ away at the evil one.David

Required for all Catholics
by dfwcatholic – Nov 3, 2008
A great, informative podcast. If you are Catholic, you need to listen to this to understand how to defend you faith. You will need to defend you faith.

Great Interviews
by aikirunner – Oct 25, 2008
Another great interview. Thanks Joe for interviewing Mickey Addison. All men not just Catholic should give this your interview with Mickey a listen. Keep them coming.

Thank God for your YES to Christ
by Atem the baby catholic – Oct 24, 2008
Hi Joe,
I was listening to your podcast with Fr Chavez and how the catholic podcasts have been dropping in the list. I just wanted to tell you that you guys do an awesome job. Since I discovered these catholic podcasts, my life has changed. I cannot even begin to put it into words. I know more about the church and feel more secure about being CATHOLIC. I just want to thank you for your great part in this wonderful ministry of evangelization. After your interview with T. Saab, I was hooked with no possibility of ignoring your podcast. You do awesome work. I pray that Our blessed Mother will continue to hid you under her beautiful Mantle and inspire you to continue to submit yourself to God’s Will and continue to choose Christ in the little ways you have been doing. God bless you immensely.
Oh by the way… :)….I’m a girl but I love your podcast. It is very uplifting to me. God bless you

Catholic Hack
by Kdubya – Oct 15, 2008
Solid Content well presented

I Love Your Show
by ckurtanick – Sep 17, 2008
I absolutely love your show. I not only learn a lot but have fun doing it. Keep up the great podcasting!

Converts Often Make the Best Catholics
by RosaryArmy – Sep 16, 2008
They say that converts often make the best Catholics, and Joe is no exception. He’s retained all the passion and excitement of a convert to the Catholic faith and pours it all into his podcast. Featuring interviews with some of the top Catholic apologists of today, Joe is definitely digging deep!

Don’t miss it
by skeeter_333 – Sep 6, 2008
The Catholic Hack! podcast is great! It combines interesting content with great production values for an enjoyable listen. It’s perfect for Catholics and those interested in the Catholic church alike. The content is presented in an easy to understand manner. Thanks, Joe!

Awesome Catholic Podcast
by kcmastel – Aug 14, 2008
The Catholic Hack is the best Catholic podcast out there. Joe is inspiring, educational and entertaining. He combines Holy Scripture with sound church doctrine.
He has inspired me to be the man Jesus has called me to be. Give this podcast a try! You will be blessed!

Faith shared
by pceasmom – Jul 24, 2008
Joe McClane pulls out all the stops in sharing his faith. He interviews men and women who share his faith and shares whatever is on his heart. I really enjoy listening to this podcast.

by Hossy5161 – Jul 11, 2008
The Catholic Hack is entertaining, informative and life changing! His guests are knowledgeable and his questioning is on target. God Bless!

Love the Hack
by Kaypt – Jul 9, 2008
I’m a new listener to Catholic Hack and I really recommend it. Great to hear such enthusiasm and love for the Church. Keep up the good work!

GREAT Podcast
by Karl93 – Jul 5, 2008
You were the first podcast I loaded onto my iPod. Any you are still on there. Your podcast really is plugged in to where men are today in this world. You and your guests help shine the light on where men in this world SHOULD be. Very motivating! I am looking for a new parish now, but once I get settled I am planning on starting a bible study or men’s group – thanks to you. Take care.

glad to be back!
by malcido – Jun 28, 2008
I haven’t listened to the show (or many other podcasts) in quite a while. I’ve allowed life to take up all of my time—-I’m glad to be listening again! It’s as wonderful as ever. Thanks Joe!

by ckdeut – Jun 26, 2008
Joe McClane’s energy for his faith is so inspiring. He is wonderful to listen to and offers great explanation for questions we may face as Catholics in today’s world.

by M N DUFF – Jun 24, 2008
This podcast sparked my interest in my faith, as I’m sure it has done for others. It is wonderful that Joe can be so informative and also keep you on the edge of your seat. The Church is where I belong and Joe can be credited for guiding me back. What a wonderful gift Catholics have been given through Joe. Keep up the good work and I’ll keep my Bible ready.Love & Prayers,

Absolutely Amazing
by bolivarCatholic – Jun 24, 2008
Joe is God sent. His ministry is amazing. Joe has the ability to connect with fellow Catholics through the use of podcasting in such a way that it is uncanny. If you are thinking about subscribing I recommend it, you will not be disappointed.

Very Inspirational
by Jim0704 – Jun 17, 2008
As a software programmer and catholic, your Episode 62 podcast on the Catholic New Media touched me and got me thinking how I might be able to use my talent to help spread the word of our rich and beautiful faith. Thanks!!!

More More More!
by Autism Dad – Jun 16, 2008
Joe,Love the new format! Dive deeper with your Faith & have fun at the CNMC!!Mark the Autism Dad

A truly amazing podcast!
by BSteve15003 – May 27, 2008
The Catholic Hack is an awesome podcast. Such a wide variety of topics and some great guests and interviews. I’ve learned so much about my Catholic faith, and I’m inspired every time I listen to a new episode. Thanks, Joe! Keep it up!

by David*D – May 26, 2008
Great podcast that will inspire and strengthen you in your Catholic faith. Joe is easy to listen to and ‘dives deep’ into scripture, and has great interviews. Highly recommend this podcast!

Life changing podcast
by Muffler_ – May 22, 2008
I found this show a few weeks back and have been listening to it since. Joe has a passion for teaching his faith, and a knack for doing it well.I love to listen to him discuss matters of Catholicism, because he do it in a way that anyone can understand.This is my favorite Catholic podcast.

My Heart is Burning
by Divine Mercy Podcast – May 21, 2008
Joe is on fire with the Holy Spirit and, as though on the road to Emmaus, I can hear the voice of Jesus speaking through Joe. I feel blessed to have found such a wonderful and enriching podcast to help me on my faith journey. + Dear God, please bless Joe with continued inspiration by your Holy Spirit so he may produce many more instructional and inspirational podcasts. Amen. +
Informative and Though Provoking
by Reddford – May 3, 2008
I really enjoy this podcast. My wife and I are considering the Catholic faith, and have been visiting a local priest on a weekly basis. This podcast has been a great help in understanding the Catholic faith. It is great to know there are “Evangelical Catholics” out there who passionate about their personal relationship with God, and who can articulate the reasons why they have chosen to embrace the Catholic Church’s teachings. Sometimes I don’t agree with everything that is said, but that is beside the point. This is an informative, interesting podcast that I recommend to anyone who would like to know more about Catholicism.

Excellent Podcast
by Mike-Albany – Apr 28, 2008
I am also a HACK. Convert to the catholic faith, happily married, father of 4 wonderful daughters. This podcast really hits home with many topics that are of interest to me. If you subscribe, you will also enjoy!

The Hack is where it’s at!
by Ti99er – Apr 21, 2008
Joe missed his calling as a priest, but fortunately for us he followed his calling to be a Catholic Podcaster. His words are gripping and profound. Each and every podcast is filled with indepth insite into the word of God. Joe has the uncanny ability to break down the word into small digestable pieces. Each and every episode is filled with the Holy Spirit! Do yourself a favor and “roll up your sleeves and dive deep” by subscribing to this faith filled podcast.Scott
Gaithersburg, MD

The Catholic Hack!
by ZanyML – Apr 20, 2008
LOVE IT, LOVE YOU, LOVE WHAT YOUR DOING! Accurate Biblical reference(s), context, and connections. Suberb speaker! Insperational…great pitch, tone, speed. Want more!

by Jconrock – Apr 18, 2008
I really enjoy this excellent podcast. Catholics everywhere should listen to this. Thanks.

A deeper understanding
by El Skala – Apr 13, 2008
Just had the opportunity to listen to Joe’s 51st episode the Rosary Army part two. This program is proof positive that Our Father does exist. Through the talents of Joe, Greg and Jennifer to pointing the way his message is heard. The result is that we undergo a deeper understanding of Gods plan. With this understanding we strengthen the bond of the new and everlasting covenant.

Look forward to every episode
by itsallyours – Apr 12, 2008
Joe digs deep on every podcast. Don’t let the parking lot thing fool you, he produces a VERY professional broadcast. It is well edited and content rich. Each one has deep Catholic reflection and insight. His story and and guests have really inspired me and my wife to learn more about our faith. We have since listened to all of the back episodes and haven’t been disappointed.

by Jadeeian – Apr 12, 2008
This podcast has been soooo helpful to me on my journey into the Catholic faith!! I am just beginning to embark on this wonderful journey and the Hack has given me tons of food for thought. Thanks again for all that you do Joe and I highly recommend everyone subcribe!!! God bless and keep you.

Great Podcast
by JennDavis – Apr 8, 2008
This is a great podcast. I just found it and I have learned so much from it. I love it. Keep up the good work.

by Teacher? – Apr 4, 2008
What a fabulous way to awaken the Holy Spirit in us all. This pod cast really makes you think in ways you never have before about scripture and ritual. Joe is intriguing and thought provoking. He is on fire with his love and it is truly contagious. Thank you for your service and inspiration to DIVE DEEP!!

Helping Men Walk the Talk
by CavemanK – Mar 12, 2008
I recommend this podcast especially for men struggling to live their Catholic faith in a secular, oversexualized world. Joe challenges men to be real men in the eyes of God and gives them the inspiration and information they need to help live out that faith. This podcast have been a blessing to me. Thanks Joe.

Great podcast
by rsmart – Mar 11, 2008
The podcast is wonderful. It is insightful and informative. Every episode you will learn something new or something you forgot. The interviews are great. Nothing like podcasting in a parkinglot.

just a letter of thanks
by dezertdweller – Mar 8, 2008
What can I say, I have been praying for a solid influence that could help me in my life, and I saw your podcast and decided right then to subscribe to it. I haven’t looked back since. I had been wavering for a while about my faith until just recently. I was given the opportunity to go to a conference and the Holy Spirit was ignited in me. I needed more information to listen to and that is when I found your podcast on Itunes. I listen to it when I can, which with four kids, my wife, and being in school, their isn’t a whole lot of time for myself, but I make sure that I have the time to listen everyday. Thank you for your ministry, it really is an inspirational tool for me to use in my walk of faith.
Thank you again,Matthew Martin

Good Apologetics Materials
by Divini Illius Magistri – Mar 6, 2008
The Catholic Hack is an excellent podcast. I just picked this one up after listening to the Rosary Army and both of them are doing wonders for my faith from both an educational and practical standpoint. Highly recommended.

Always something interesting
by deambrosejr – Mar 5, 2008
Joe has always got something interesting in his podcast. From his own personal reflections and stories to interviews with current Catholic authors, it’s always worth a listen.

Stellar & Refreshing Podcast
by Cassidy,MR – Mar 5, 2008
Joe’s Podcast is a refreshing voice to Catholic media. It is modern, relevant, and easy to relate to.I love the interviews and reflection; just wish he had more time to podcast…Keep up the stellar work!

The Catholic Hack
by HVACMAN1 – Mar 1, 2008
I have been listening for about a month. Joe is great! His sincerity and zeal comes right through the podcast! I have been inspired by his interviews. Keep up the great work!

by Louis1049 – Feb 28, 2008
What a wonderful podcast. You are both knowledgeable and sincere. You speak from the heart with a true passion for what you do. Keep up the good work. Keep helping me get closer to the father.

My favorite
by gabby yabby – Feb 27, 2008
Full of great interviews, wisdom, and a real personality. If you don’t want a stuffy answer but want to hear the truth give Joe a listen. You won’t be disappointed.

Catholic Hack is the real deal!!
by iluvlighthousez – Feb 21, 2008
I am Joe’s older and wiser sister (LOL), and I can attest to his genuine passion for God and for our Catholic faith. He truly does podcast from a parking lot..or the driveway…or the garage…or his office, but no matter where he is podcasting from he puts his whole heart and soul into it!! This has been a VERY long time in the making, and God is certainly blessing Joe’s hard work and dedication. I love to hear each new podcast and can’t wait to download the next one. Please keep Joe and this podcast in your prayers…that he/it will continue to touch hearts and save souls for a long time to come! God bless you lil’ bro!
P.S. I like the background music, it’s soothing..and most of the time I am so into the conversations that I don’t really notice it….just my 2cents 🙂

Super Podcast
by wburbage – Feb 13, 2008
This guy is passionate about his faith and I hope it’s an inspiration to everyone that listens. Offer up your prayers for Mr. McClane that he can continue in this ministry. We can all benefit and be insired. Keep up the good work!

Everything old is new again!
by Mr. Graves – Feb 6, 2008
This exciting podcast isn’t your grandma’s rote memorization of the Baltimore Catechism. Mr. McClane makes the One True Faith vibrant, relevant, and fun. Thanks Joe!

The Catholic Hack is no hack!
by Big Red Mom – Feb 5, 2008
I really appreciate Joe’s balance between making the podcast enjoyable and actually focusing on Catholic themes. Even more than that I appreciate his commitment to accuracy and orthodoxy. In today’s world we need so much support to fight relativism!

Great apologetics podcast
by The Curt Jester – Feb 4, 2008
The Catholic Hack is a podcast which as I write this review is up to its fortieth show which focuses on apologetics and Church teaching and recently became an affiliate podcast with SQPN.Joe McClane who runs the Catholic Hack is a convert to the faith from Protestantism and has created yet another well-produced Catholic specific podcast. You can certainly pick up his excitement for the faith as he talks on standard apologetic topics and he covers the various subjects thoroughly. Some of the topics span multiple shows such as the ones he did on Jehovah Witnesses. Besides the good apologetics fare what makes this podcast excellent is the quality of the interviews he conducts with many well-known Catholics involved in apologetics and other fields. He has had people like Tim Staples, Carl Olson, Mike Aquilina, Steve Ray, Marus Groudi, and several others. This week he had Christopher West on in another good interview as they discussed Pope John Paul II’s the Theology of the body and his recent book The Love that Satisfies.This is an informative and fun podcast that is well worth your while.
by KJKhemraj – Feb 1, 2008
Excellent opportunity for us to learn more about the Catholic faith as well as hear from Catholics living the Great Commission.

Keep It Up Joe!
by PJacob – Feb 1, 2008
I always rewind the intro and replay Fr Stan Fortuna – School of the Eucharist! again…and again

Each new podcast is a gift
by 2treasures – Jan 28, 2008
The Catholic Hack podcast is a favorite. I’ve only been listening to podcasts for a month. Each time I see this one downloading a new episode it is like getting a gift. It is always the first one I listen to. Lots of great info and interesting interviews.

On Fire!
by M. Brown – Jan 26, 2008
This guy is on fire!As iron sharpens iron, I feel challenged by Joe to apply my faith to my life, to not be lukewarm. Joe shares intimate details of his life and gets his keynote speakers to do the same … with just enough scripture, Church doctrine, and historical information.Even more inspiring, this is a bootstrap venture by a true evangelist. Joe started this on a shoestring budget, during his lunch hour, using his own equipment … a true hack. As we see the pieces of Joe’s life fall into place, and he assumes the role he’s unwittingly been preparing for, one has to ask … what should I be doing with my life?One should listen to this podcast, for starters.

Joe keeps the faith for the rest of us
by ColSanders – Jan 24, 2008
Joe’s work in presenting the faith of the Catholic Church, our reason for hope, is inspiring. This is personal, real and useful. I enjoy his podcast first, over the many others I receive. I have walked away from every podcast with something to ponder, and you will too…

The impact of one ordinary Joe…
by Buckaroo Bonzai – Jan 20, 2008
I think this podcast is remarkable in that one ordinary guy — just like you and me — can respond to the calling, and create such a profound impact. Joe, I have to tell you I am inspired, and I take courage from the example you have shown. This podcast is a gem!

by lah_406 – Jan 20, 2008
Congrats on the new job from a new listener. Great podcasts.

I love this show
by Chris Cash – Jan 18, 2008
Even if it is recorded in a parking lot during lunch break, the Catholic Hack is one of the most informative apologetics shows on the internet.

Great show
by oheynay – Jan 18, 2008
What a remarkable young man to have such a grasp on our Catholic faith. I enjoy listening to this particular podcast and the walk of faith that is shared by Joe. You can tell he really LOVES the Lord and wants to evangelize the true teachings of our faith. Keep up the good work Joe and Congrats on your new adventure with your job. Keeping you and your family in my prayers.

great for all people
by football disciple – Jan 17, 2008
Joe’s interviews and topics as well as the manner in which they are presented is great and everyone can benefit from it. His motives are genuine and centered on Christ which is most important.

Fun and informative podcast!
by btnewgent – Jan 17, 2008
I discovered the Hack after he became affiliated with SQPN. I wish I would have discovered him sooner! Joes show is very informative and his enthusiasm for the faith is contagious. I’m looking forward to more new shows and catching up on old ones.

Review of the Catholic Hack
by QUISPROF – Jan 15, 2008
I have been listening to the Catholic Hack for the past three weeks. I have found it to be:
– highly informative
– very listenable (i.e. not boring)
– right on in terms of faith and doctrine
– and has excellence guests
I do highly recommend the Catholic Hack – even for non-Catholics!!!

Focus on Your Content
by A Contemplative Life – Jan 11, 2008
Joe, I like your show, but you could improve it by getting to your content sooner and keeping the podcast shorter. You have some great insights, but waiting 20 minutes to hear them is not easy! Also, don’t apologize for yourself, it detracts from your message. Keep up the good work!

Perhaps the finest podcast ever recorded in a parking lot…
by AgentFresh – Jan 8, 2008
Joe’s love for Christ and his Church shine through in every episode I’ve listened to. He keeps things peppy and professional while remaining down-to-earth and real. One of my “must listen” podcasts.

Must have
by Morris740 – Jan 7, 2008
This is one of my must have podcasts. Very informative and entertaining.

Great Job
by JPOZZI – Jan 7, 2008
This podcast is great. Easy to listen to and learn the fullness of Christian Truth found in the Catholic Faith passed down from the Apostles. Joe is doing a great job for Catholic Radioless Houston!
Here’s to a great 2008!

Lots of great material
by Peter Mottola – Jan 3, 2008
The interviews on this show are wonderful. The topics cover a lot of different areas and there’s sure to be something interesting here for everyone. High production values make this podcast stand out from the competition. Definitely worth a listen.
—Peter Mottola, St. Irenaeus Ministries Podcast

Great Information
by Hack in Training – Jan 2, 2008
This is a great podcast for anyone interested in deepening their Catholic faith or anyone interested in learning about the Catholic faith for the first time. Every podcast is full of great information. No other podcast on the internet consistently gives as much solid information about Catholic theology. Keep rolling up your sleeves and diving deep Joe!

Excellent Podcast!!!!
by NewCatholic121507 – Dec 31, 2007
I found Joe’s Podcast last week. He has insightful questions and commentary on each topic and guest. Like me, he seems to be a sponge for orthodox Catholic teaching and thought. Being a brand new convert myself, I cannot get enough! The only thing he could do better, is produce more of it!God Bless, Joe! and keep it up!

First time listener
by eby1 – Dec 29, 2007
Just discovered Catholic Hack (by “accident”) and really loved it. I am looking forward to future podcasts. The only drawback is the background guitar music. I like to focus on the speaker/message and found the music distracting. Otherwise…EXCELLENT.

What to do now
by JVP54 – Dec 28, 2007
I have been thinking about doing a Catholic Podcast for a while. I was not sure what I was going to do it on. I have been praying about it. Now that I found the Catholic Hack podcast I am even more confused. This is the podcast that I should have been doing. Every Catholic Man should listen to this podcast. Back to the drawing board. This is the perfect podcast for the married catholic layperson. I love it. I love everything about it. I want to know what the rap song is that you play prior to starting the interviews? Also I thought it was great when you were thinking of a name for your podcast. I thought of another one. You could have used “King of the Pews” I am looking forward to the classes in the future. Also I love the music in the background during the interviews. Keep up the great work, you are an inspiration to all Catholic Men. I learned of your podcast through the Catholic Underground Podcast.God Bless
Joe Pilleteri
Birmingham, AL

Great Podcast
by SalesianNovice – Dec 22, 2007
This podcast has FANTASTIC interviews with great Catholics who explain the faith very well. I am excited to see what this podcast will come out with next. Great Job Joe I’m praying for you and your ministry!

Thank you for this podcast
by pabenr – Dec 12, 2007
I’m so grateful to have run across your podcast… i just started downloading podcast about a week ago or so , and i first went to ewtn then i ran across all of these other podcast like yours , rosary army ,vocations,etc … and i’m just so blessed to have all of thes podcasts on me where ever i go .While i work I listen and get so blessed and so educated also .I mean so many things that i didn’t know , well alot of things i didn’t . I can’t tell you how many times while listening to the podcast I start to get goose bumps.. especially when I heard your testimony and conversion , it really hit home .. i really know that the Holy Spirit is with you by the way you speak with such confidence as you are doing your podcast ….I Thank the Lord and you for what you’re doing. I will always keep you in my prayers and your ministry..I would love and try and make it to your conference ; I’ll keep listening and find out exactly when that is..from tampa,fl…your brother in CHRIST…Pablo A.

Great Podcast
by __rjg__ – Dec 11, 2007
Had a rough start with regard to audio quality, but never with content. The audio quality is now top notch, the guests are fantastic, the research is well done, topics are relevant. In short an excellent Podcast. Keep up the good work, Joe!

Great Podcast !!!
by Chad Jakob – Dec 11, 2007
I found this podcast via Insight Scoop(Carl Olson’s) blog. If anyone needs a great Catholic podcast for jogging or the drive to work, this is it. Sound Catholic teaching with interviews from some of the greatest and brightest minds of Catholicism. Tune in for your listening pleasure!! One downside, the guitar strumming in the background during the interviews. STOP IT JOE !!!! Awesome podcast keep up the good work!! So subscribe to it, download it, listen to it, then go out and live it !!!

Inspiring Podcast
by Binu J – Dec 10, 2007
Joe does a great job researching and communicating key Catholic concepts in terms a lay person can understand. Joe: keep up the great work — looking forward to the future podcasts!!

EXCELLENT show to learn about the faith!
by Melensdad – Dec 10, 2007
Joe does a great job of picking ONE topic per show and going into great depths to explain it, this show is excellent for Catholics and for non-Catholics who want to learn more about the Catholic Church. Its also great if you want to deepen your understanding to the faith, to learn how to defend the faith from attacks, and to correct misunderstandings about the faith. Joe has interviews on many of his episodes and the conversations are often riviting. Most episodes last about 45 minutes and if you don’t have time to listen to the whole show then you may find yourself upset that you have to take your headphones off and come back to this show because many of the topics go into depth and you’ll find you don’t want to miss any parts of his broadcast.

Great podcast
by MILK169 – Dec 10, 2007
Just recently started listening and have really enjoyed it. Looking forward to the upcoming guest. Keep it up and God Bless

Great podcast
by Andy Esq. – Dec 9, 2007
This is the best Catholic podcast on the net. It’s great for life-long Catholics and even better for converts. I give it my highest recommendantion.

Uplifting and Informative
by lifetone – Dec 9, 2007
As someone who is new to Catholicism – well I found this by accident while looking for something completely different. Very approachable and makes me feel comfortable, not like I’m one of those Protestants as even well-meaning Catholics do at times. The voice reminds me of Christian radio talk show hosts. This would probably be good for any catechumens or candidates for post-baptismal catechesis (like me) or for anyone who’d like to learn a little bit more about Catholicism in this particular media. God bless!

Good Stuff!
by Hawk-C – Dec 2, 2007
great stuff! This guy is really good! From a Boston North Shore Catholic from Peabody (I’m biast…Newburyporter here!), this is unbelievable! I rank him among the greats of Hahn, Keating, and Akin with ease!

A Great Resource for a Catholic in 2007
by nj2memphis – Nov 26, 2007
Joe’s enthusiasm is contagious! Thank you for your help in reinvigorating my faith. Thank You for your prayers.

Great Apologetics….
by scbiker – Nov 15, 2007
Joe does a great job of bringing information together on topics that a lot of Catholics and non-catholics have questions about. I’ve already used some ideas I’ve heard from the show in evangelizing others.

New Listener
by Bill K.2000 – Nov 8, 2007
I just stumbled upon the Catholic Hack and really enjoy the content. I would recommend you subscribe today!

Awesome apologetics podcast
by Thick-E – Nov 2, 2007
Joe takes the style of of recent Catholic apologists such as Scott Hahn and Jeff Cavins to next level with podcasting. The Catholic Hack always has a wealth of information about the Church and how to defend her teachings. I hope to keep hearing this podcast for years to come.

Great source of Information
by jzagar – Oct 27, 2007
I have been listening to different podcasts for about 2 years, and I am always looking for good catholic podcasts. This one definately fits the bill. The topics covered are interesting, well researched and very helpful to someone like me who is trying to become a catholic who knows a little more about his faith. Well produced, good guests, and it comes from a person who is really interested in sharing the fullness of Christs’ church. Job well done Joe, keep’em coming.

Try one, you’ll come back for more!!
by Adam the Catholic – Oct 23, 2007
Joe is warm in his aproch. Upbeat and stays true to the faith! Keep on hacking Joe!

Go Joe!
by angelapea – Oct 18, 2007
Joe is well spoken, has a soothing voice and by golly – he KNOWS his STUFF!! Great podcast, Joe! You have a new follower.Do you REALLY podcast from your car in the parking lot? Next time I’m in Houston, I’m driving by for a studio visit! 🙂
Informative & Entertaining
by grwnginfaith – Oct 16, 2007
The Catholic Hack! is well informed, covers interesting and current topics, and he’s entertaining to listen to. I never miss his podcasts.

Great Apologetics in a nice time format!
by halosfan – Oct 13, 2007
I’ve been listening to The Catholic Hack for quite some time and it is one of my favorite podcasts. Joe is well read and knows how to focus in on a topic like a laser beam at the same time he keeps the show to a nice time frame which is cool. The Catholic Hack would be a great addition to SQPN.

by Ted Vv – Oct 13, 2007
Joe is great! His podcasts are well researched and well produced. He never hides from the tough topics and explains some of the more complex aspects of Catholicism so the average lay person can understand. His enthusiasm will get you excited about the faith. He has helped me greatly! LISTEN NOW!!!

High Quality Podcast – Great Content
by goodform – Sep 12, 2007
Joe’s shows are well prepared. He doesn’t just “wing it”. There are a lot of “wing it” podcasts out there. Joe is well spoken, enthusiastic, and dynamic.Joe’s apologetetic (which means “to defend”) tone is not “in your face”. If you are a Christian who has issues with or complaints against Catholic teaching, Joe will explains things to you without trying to rub your face in it.I highly recommend this podcast if you are Catholic and want to know more about your faith, or even if you have no interest in becoming Catholic, but just want to know what we believe.

Excellent Style – Excellent Content!
by Kevin Hoctor – Sep 8, 2007
Sometimes is can be difficult to listen to someone talk about scripture because many speakers are dry and bland.Not with Joe though! He has a great voice for podcasting, a relaxed style, and enough passion and enthusiasm to light up a small neighborhood. He also has an amazing grasp on apologetics and the Catholic religion. I only listen to a handful of podcasts, but I never miss The Catholic Hack!God bless you Joe and keep up the good work!

Awesome Apologetics
by dml247 – Aug 1, 2007
Joe is a genius and a very knowledgeable apologist.  I look forward to hearing more episodes in the future!  Audio quality is great with good production sound too.