Behold The Man No. 19: Advent Special: Carrol's & Lesson's Hacker Style!

Today on “Behold The Man” we talk about Advent! When did it start, what does it mean, how do you prepare your heart!  It’s really a mini “Carrol’s & Lessons” allowing us to journey through Salvation History to discover how the Nativity of Our Lord fulfills all of human history, destiny, and prophesy!  God, put all on a young girl in a small village in northern Israel… her YES turned the tide and brought forth our Salvation.  Come journey with me for the next 30 min.!

Music used in this episode:

The single, “Six Choral Introits: Advent” from the album “Love Is His Word”
The single, “Prelude: O Come, O Come, Emmanuel” from the album “Hope In The Lord” by Paul Tate (

Bing Crosby “Silent Night” (1947 Single Version) [Sample]

Andrea Bocelli “Cantique de Noel” [ Sample]

Eric Genuis “The Siege”

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  2. Jerry Kohlbrand

    Dear Mr Hack,

    Just so you know that someone is really “listening”, I watched the Ustream show a few times this morning. I kept going back to about the 20 minute mark, and “listened” a number of times. Then, when I saw it was up here, and that you had 4 hours of work in it, I “listened yet again.(you are to hard on yourself)

    Mr Hack, may I call you, Joe? Well, how about Bro? 🙂 You see, Bro, my life is really a struggle right now and there are moments when I am feeling lost, confused, afraid…wondering if the last 25 years of my life has been a lie. Doubting my call to live different from the world. To live without the “security” that most Americans live for. To have listened to Fr Al Lauer, founder of Presentation Ministries and author of the One Bread, One Body Devotional, when I started; for the Kingdom Press, a pro-life Printing Company that has printed the Devotional since 1987. To start off not knowing one thing about printing, much less really running a business. Well, if we count the over 10 years as a drug smuggler as “on the job training”, yea, maybe had a little.

    I am facing some of the same things again in my life.Moving into areas that I know very little. This time though, I really, REALLY, need that “sign”, that sense of the Lord has it all worked out. At 54 with 3 of my 7 still in school, and unlike when I was being mentored by Fr Al, I am feeling alone, not able to “hear” what the Lord wants me to do, circumstances have kept me paralyzed like never before in my life.

    If no one else, gets one thing from this teaching, I have! What it has given me, Joe, is a little more hope. Some light in the Dark Night of the Soul that I have been living in.

    Thank you for the hours of work! Thank you for your inspiration! You have a passion, a fire, that I have allowed to become almost extinguished in my life. I need prayer, that I can rekindle that, “fire of my first love”!

    Lord, please give me that “sign” that my brother spoke of. A renewed passion to teach and preach to the ends of the earth. And bless Joe and his family with all of their needs! Give Joe that “sign” as well. So that he knows, that he knows, that he knows, what YOU Lord, would have him do at this time in his life!

    In Jesus Name, Amen

    Bro Jer

    .Acts 2:42 my brother! 🙂 thanks

  3. The Catholic Hack!

    Thanks Bro Jer!

    I appreciate the feedback! Back in 2004 I attended a Cursillo weekend up in NH and it was a very powerful experience. One of the many things I fondly remember is how the rector, Wayne, encouraged us to pray boldly to God. He said “God has eternity… you do not… give God a time-line and pray boldly!”

    This weekend was in October of that year and only a month away from the Presidential election. I was very nervous as I was afraid that John Kerry, who is a pro-abortion Catholic, was going to defeat George Bush who is pro-life. I am unashamedly pro-life and will not consider any other factors until the slaughter of countless millions of Americans is put to an end.

    So… coming off this weekend I began to pray boldly to God. I didn’t tell anyone what I was doing however, every day I prayed and asked God to send his Mother to America. I wanted a sign.. to shore up my faith. I believed… but needed my Father in heaven to strengthen me. I gave God a time line… he had till election night to send his Mother to visit America. I prayed this because I wanted a pro-life culture to come to the USA and end the culture of death. Our Lady who gave birth to Life for the world is the remedy to culture gone bad.

    Every day I prayed this prayer… boldly to God… giving the time line… asking for the specific sign… no wavering! I am a child of God… He is my Father… I can ask… he can choose to give or not… either way; Praise God!

    So, on the night of the election, after days and days of praying this, I watched the TV and saw George Bush sitting in the White house, along with his wife, daughters, and parents, sitting on the couch, with George sitting in the chair, as they watched the results, on TV, come in from the election. Nothing… I never saw Our Lady and didn’t hear anyone else see her either. I was very discouraged by this.

    The next day I was at my desk, with Fox News streaming over the internet so I could hear the results, and listening to the recap from the night before. They even played the same video of the President sitting in his chair watching the results come in. Then… I received an email from my wife. She asked me…. “Did you see it”? See what? I asked. “Did you see the image Our Lady in the White House?

    What!?! I never told anyone what I had been praying for. Not even my wife! I went back to the video from election night… there She was! Sitting next to President Bush, on the coffee table, an Icon of our Lady. I didn’t notice it before but there she was! I sat in awe of the majesty of God. This was NOT an endorsement of Bush…. this was my Father speaking to his little boy… sending him the desired sign to shore up his faith! I have a picture of the icon from that night and it still amazes me.

    Pray boldly! Ask God for a sign… he has one ready for you! I have told this to many people who have then asked and received their sign from God. Let me know when you receive yours!

    God Bless You

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