Behold The Man No. 39 Heaven and Earth Collide

Jean_II_Restout_-_PentecôteToday, on “Behold The Man” we take a deep look at Acts 2 in and uncover many of its rich Old Testament parallels and prototypes.  Just as “devout men” from “every nation under heaven” are praying for the return of the shekina glory cloud to return to and fill the temple… they hear a sound… and gather to see it has but, this time not on the rock the temple was built on rather, upon the NEW rock… St. Peter and the 11 Apostles.  The Church of the Lamb of God has been born!

The Intro song was “Here I am to Worship” from Josh Blakesly. Check out Blakesly’s site HERE.

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Show Notes:

Pentecost’s “Tongues of Fire” and the Heavenly Temple

Was Jesus Really Crucified with the Passover Lambs?

Did Jesus Intend to Found the Church

The Tamid sacrifice

My notes with verses & outline