Behold The Man No. 44 “Mary, the Temple, and the Spirit”

Today on “Behold the Man” , we interrupt our regularly scheduled program to look at the typology found in St. Luke’s annunciation narrative in chapter 1.  Like the Tabernacle in the wilderness, and the Temple of Salomon, Mary too was overshadowed by the Spirit, and filled with God’s presence. But… there’s another prototype that most miss… Gen. 1:2 and the Spirit that hovered over the waters of creation.  It’s the bonus round.

The intro song was “Love” by Curtis Stephan. Check out his  website HERE.

Check out in the Johannine Tradition (Part 2) by Dr. John Bergsma for an OUTSTANDING review of the Cosmic Temple in Jewish Tradition.

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Joe McClane is the General Manger of KSHJ 1430 AM on the Guadalupe Radio Network, Catholic radio in Houston, TX. Joe spent the last five years serving as the Director and Events Coordinator for the Fullness Of Truth Catholic Evangelization Ministries based in North Houston. Joe has been married, going on thirteen years, to Michelle, and they homeschool their five children. Joe and his family are parishioners of Annunciation Catholic Church in downtown Houston.
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  1. Enid

    I listen to you all the time you have help me so much. The talk on Mary hit me so hard. Can you talk about living out your call. I have a passion and Dreams for JEsus but nothing comes for me to do. Everyone tells me to hold on but I’m holding for years.
    pray for me

  2. Enid

    Hi I like the talk about Mother Mary. I like to listen to you on the radio and here. I wish one day to talk with so much knowledge. I can tell you spend hours with your books & studies. Pray for me my husband & I needs a job. aLSO PRAY FOR me i have a passion to do things for JESUS but all doors close. Can you give a talk on what is a calling. maybe i’m going after a passion and not a call. Keep going people like me who dont like to wirte listen to you all the time my Lunch hour is at noon and I change it to listen to you at 1pm thanks God bless all you do for JESUS

  3. CatholicHack

    I will hold you in my prayers for sure! Thank you for listening to the show, and for taking the time to post this; I sincerely appreciate it. I can relate to your frustration, the longing to serve Jesus, and his Church, but, not seeing any avenues to do that. I want to encourage you to start right where you are at, with the gifts God has already given to you. I call myself the Catholic Hack because I am no scholar or expert… just an average lay Catholic who is passionate about the faith and wants to share it with all the world. Study, and learn more every day… then share that within your environment. Do not wait until you are an expert in the faith… start right now. God will provide you what you need and open doors as you go. This is a lesson for both of us… I too am learning to trust in God. Let’s pray for each other!

    BTW – where do you listen form?

    God Bless You

  4. Enid

    Thank you JOE,

    I hear you every Monday on Catholicos con Vida. I love that radio station. Thanks
    for your advice. I was touched by yours words. God is using you so much. I only want to start but I guess I have fear and don’t know where to go and how to start too many close doors. Joe these words ring in heart “I want to encourage you to start right where you are at, with the gifts God has already given to you.”

    In Jesus

  5. CatholicHack

    “Do not be afraid!”… John Paul The Great said when he became the pope! Start in your environments… work, home, friends, family, Church, social settings, etc. How about starting a blog, or a podcast about the faith? If you have an internet connection… you have an open door from God!

    Be not afraid!

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