Cashing in our brokenness in the pursuit of significance!

I was honored to speak to the Catholic men of Charlotte, NC on February 27, 2016. The theme of the event was to “Find Your Strength,” and, we are all broken but, we never let our brokenness stop us from accomplishing our mission.  In this talk, I shared a bit of my own journey and how with the Grace of the Lord, I have cashed in my brokenness in the pursuit of the only mission the Lord has given to me. Namely, to get myself and all those whom the Lord has placed into my care and custody to heaven.  

Where are you going? Are you happy? Are you living a life of significance? Don’t waste another second of what life you have left! 

God Bless You!

Joe McClane

P.S. – Invite me to speak, I would be grateful!