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The Audio Stream

Great news! Fullness of Truth Catholic Evangelization Ministries is now streaming their conference talks 24/7 via their website. Working with some of the best Catholic scholars, evangelists and speakers, Fullness of Truth has been hosting family, and evangelization conferences, events and more  through out Texas, and beyond, for over eleven years now.  This is a great […]

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The Handmaid of the Lord, the intercessor of salvation history!

image of mary-sword-shall-pierce-your-heart-too

There is a pattern in scripture that repeats itself all throughout salvation history. One that I think will help shed some light upon the Mother of Jesus, serving as the “Handmaid of the Lord.” You may have noticed this before, especially if you have gone through the covenant mediators in salvation history. When a key figure commits grave sin, he allows that sin into his home and it always has devastating affects upon his family. Case in point… when Adam chose to save his skin, and forgo his and his brides souls’, by cowering to the threats of the ancient serpent and partaking in the forbidden fruit, he opened wide the door of destruction and allowed his sin in to wreck havoc upon his marriage, and his children (c.f. Gen.3).

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Two Hearts Fused Into One!

Often, as I pray, kneeling before Mass, I close my eyes and envision Jesus, crowned with thorns, standing before me in white and golden vestments. We are together, in a darken room, almost a corridor of sorts, and I am staring at Him intently, longing for His forgiveness. I can see His thorns, prominently on top of His head , looking almost regal, like a mighty King. I can see His lips being swallowed up by His shaggy beard, and even His rough, wounded hands, but never can I see His eyes! His eyes are always covered by the shadows of the darken room, seeming to hide from me.

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Verses I would NOT have written had I gotten the protestant “memo”! 1 Corinthians addition

Well IF (noticed I tried to use a big IF) that’s true, then it would seem to me that St. Paul must have missed a whole bunch of memos from the home office. I mean if I were St. Paul, and I was the “consumate Protestant”, rejecting the Catholic Church, holding up doctrines such as “the bible alone”, “faith alone” , “once saved always saved”, “there is no purgatory”, “the Eucharist is only a symbol”, “pastors are free to marry” and so many others… then I would have NEVER written verses that seemed to suggest anything to the contrary of my beliefs.

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The Holy Eucharist: the source and the summit of the Christian faith!

This is a presentation on the sacrament of the Holy Eucharist, given to an RCIA group at St. Edward Catholic Church in Spring, TX.  It is the “source and summit” of the Christian faith. It is the body, blood, soul and divinity of the Jesus Christ, given to us as food for our journey through the wilderness […]

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