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San Antonio Catholic Men’s Conference

Yesterday, I was blessed to be given the opportunity to share my testimony to the Catholic Men of San Antonio at the SACMC.  I sincerely enjoyed myself and the Men were very receptive, not only to my talk but, to the much better talks by the other speakers.  THANK YOU to the Pilgrim Center of […]

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Behold The Man No. 30 Shame Part 3

Today on “Behold The Man”, we finish up part 3 of our series on “Shame and Continence”, from John Paul The Great’s “Love & Responsibility”, with continence, or self-control. I gave this talk, listen HERE, at Hester’s Cafe in Corpus Christi, and shared how God allowed me to understand the need for self-control, & the objective order of value in human sexuality. John Paul takes it to the next level!

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Behold the Man No. 28 Shame Part 1

Today, on “Behold the Man” I give an overview of a talk I will be giving on the subject of Shame from John Paul The Great’s book “Love & Responsibility”. For decades in my pursuit for satisfaction, through pornography addiction, and sexual license, I found only shame. Shame is what reminds us of our sin, and at the same time, can help us find true freedom.

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