Catholic Speakers and the blogs that support them!

Matthew Warner, Fallible Blogma, called for a “support Catholic speakers” month and lined up 100 blogger’s to pick a speaker. It’s a good idea however, the issue I have is… well… I’m on this list. I’m not sure I can trust a list of “Catholic speakers” that includes my name… especially if my name appears above Rich Donnelly!

Seriously, I think its a good thing to introduce these speakers to others in hopes of spreading the faith. In fact… it’s what I do full time at Fullness of Truth Ministries. I’m always amazed to meet Catholics who have never heard of Scott Hahn, John Corapi, Tim Stapels, etc. These are big players in my own faith walk and I’m glad that more will come to know them.

Although I do NOT consider myself a “speaker” I have been included in this list, and poor Michael Lindner was forced to cover me. I think I shall talk to his confessor as this should count as penneace… time off of purgatory… or at the very least brownie points with Our Lady! Mike handled it very graciously though, and posted “Joe McClane Rocks!” at his blog “What does Mike think?”. I encourage you to read it but, with some apprehension, and skepticism, as anytime someone tells you that “Joe McClane Rocks!” certainly can not be playing with a full deck of cards! Mike is probably just making lemonade out of the lemons he was dealt so… good on ya mate!

For my part I posted a blog on Steve Ray, find it here, who is a friend and an inspiration. I have thoroughly enjoyed Steve’s presentations, DVD’s, and have been honored to have had him as a my guest on several occasions. So enjoy!