Do you even have a plan?

Men have a plan for everything? But, when you ask them what their plan is to achieve holiness? To get their families to heaven… they crumble before you. Why? Well there are many reasons but, I suspect that they fear the loss of comfort, the loss of pleasure in this life. If that is the case then they are effeminate men and not masculine men… by definition. 

In this dynamic Catholic presentation, we leverage the Masculine Genius to obtain Heaven! We have a plan for everything but holiness… what’s your plan?

As men, we have genius built into our DNA. We have the ability to solve problems and overcome challenges. We found a way to travel to the moon, plumb the depths of the deepest sea, cross the widest expanses and cure diseases. Yet, when it comes to living holy lives, getting our families to heaven, we break down and fail in our purpose because we think it’s too hard, the moral life is just too much of a burden on us. This does not have to be the case… we can plan for holiness, plan to achieve eternal happiness by striving for and living holy lives. We can break free from the slavery of our sins… how? The blood of Jesus shed upon the cross poured out in his sacraments for us. We are men… we can plan and we can execute that plan. It’s not easy, it’s possible. What’s your plan!

God Bless You

Joe McClane

Dynamic Catholic Speaker! 

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