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1 Corinthians 10:31 – … Whatever you do, do ALL for the Glory of God!

I am in love with Traditional Archery!  I shoot almost every day in hopes of becoming the best archer I can be, as a witness for my greater love of God and His Church.  Additionally, I use my skills as an archer to hunt and provide some of the leanest and healthiest (non-GMO) meat for my family on the planet.  It truly resonates with my role as “leader, protector, and provider” in  my family. Just as St. Paul said, we can offer up everything we do as a gift to God and a witness to the world. God is Good! 

On my YouTube channel (CatholicHack’s Traditional Archery) I have a series of Traditional Archery videos that cover shooting techniques, tips, product reviews, trick shots, and more. I want to give a special thank you to 3 Rivers Archery for supporting my passion for traditional archery!

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  1. TJ

    Glad to see a God fearing man who is at peace with a passion in his life. So few men choose their passion and instead choose safety. I have chosen passion, and while I am not overly successful currently, He has looked out for me and provided for me. Of the many talents God gave me, craftsmanship is one. Up in Kansas where I live, I have access to some beautiful wood, and as I hone my craft of making traditional long bows, I’m wondering if you might like to recieve and give me your opinion on some of my work some time. I am in the last half of a move, so my workshop is not set up right now, but after it is, would you be interested in a long bow?
    I stumbled across your youtube videos and was impressed by your passion and knowledge of traditional archery. Im still learning to shoot my bows I make since I’m still learning how to make arrows and that almost more work goes into 3 arrows than 1 long bow. I am not Catholic, but I am a strong believer in God. He has been really good to me over the past 2 years, despite a divorce a year ago. I have been looking for ways to pay His love forward, and maybe this is one way. My bows are nothing spectacular, but some have been impressed with my work. If you decide to accept my offer, I will keep you up to date on progress. And when it is done, we will find a way to get it delivered. Thank you for sharing your passion and God bless you.


  2. Mike

    Joe, thanks, nice videos. I am a new target archer shooting a 45lbs bear. I have found that a small pin sight, easily fabricated from a 2 inch chunk of aluminum angle and a pin made out of a brass screwed with knurled nuts makes an excellent sight. I use double sided tape to affix it to my bow where your hash marks are located. I just move the brass pin up and down I the aluminum angle to various holes depending upon my shooting range.
    I am a returned, practicing catholic. I’m 57 years old and married to a non catholic. That makes it hard for me. I wish the Holy Spirit would hurry up and convict my wife, I long to worship with her LOL.
    May God Richly bless you. – Mike

  3. Joseph Adkins

    Hi, Joe I am new to your archery channel and I just watched a video about why you bought your new Samick bow. I am new to traditional bow hunting and I am from Ohio and came across striker bows which are made in Ohio. I am telling you this because they offer a payment program over a twelve month period. The bow I am looking at will be about $700 which is to rich for my blood. But with the payment program it will be about $60/month. Just an option for you to look at if your still in the market for a bow.

  4. Drew Strawbridge

    Hi, Joe. I have been shooting for 14 months now. I think I have crossed a threshold were im excited by my increased accuracy. I watch you videos. Im sure I am doing alot of things wrong but im trying. Its also neat to hear that you have a ministry for Christ. Im not catholic but I believe that Jesus is the only thing that makes sence in all things. I shoot in a club where there is alot of woods. Its a great place for praying which I do everytime I shoot. I went from samick sage to Samich Red Stag. 45 lbs. I could pull more but I dont want to overbow . Thanks for your videos. Im working with 30 yard shots which arnt to good. Will try gap method but instict is coming around. I dont know if you have a video for compensation for shots 20 yds plus. Thanks .Drew

  5. Darrell Soiland

    I have been watching and subscribed to your you tube channel which I do enjoy. I to have recently started to delve into the exciting world of traditional archery. After watching your video on weather one should get right into primal/survival archery I quickly came to the conclusion that even if you were to carve a bow from a stave that you should take a look at your tools. Where dud they come from did you purchase your tools or use a forging method to create your tools. Does it really matter this idea us really up to the individual.
    My thoughts are we all have a starting point it is as individual as any person is. The age of a person, what that person is doing as a career, what’s happening in that persons life. Too many variables to mention. I myself started a couple of years ago after a lengthy relationship came to an end. I had always wanted to get into traditional archery but my better half was not on board with me. I live in British Columbia Canada in Prince George where the winters are lengthy cold and snowy. I am limited to practicing archery during the warmer months. I find that going to the local outdoors/hunting store is akward as there a few traditional archers in the area. There are almost limitless carbon arrows and no wooden arrows, at least a dozen compound bows on display and only one or two recurve bows and no long bows on display. I was almost turned off by qehat I did not see and to find help was difficult at best. Sales staff trying to sell me on expensive high tech low maintenance products. Then after finding out what I was looking for did very little to make the sale. I found this true in the Bass Pro outlet in Calgary Alberta as well.
    I am currently shooting a 45# recurve samick sage bow. I use carbon arrows and shoot roughly 25 to 30 yards to my targets. I use an arrow rest as feather fetched arrows are difficult to come by but I love to shoot arrows until the cows come home. I use your tips for improving accuracy and maintaining good form and shot cycle.
    I do not actively practice religion or believe in an all powerful god. I do however believe in people, all people no matter the religious beliefs or colour of their skin. Because people make a difference.

  6. pop seal

    Enjoy your archery videos. I’m an archer and love the “process” and its challenge. A word of advise…I’d be very careful about arrows “over the fence” when shooting in your yard. Like firearms safety rule #4, Be certain of your target and its background.. I see apartments and houses a few feet over your fence…..not safe! To say nothing of legal actions for an arrow “that gets away”…………

  7. adam

    Hi joe hit me up with an email i have a gift for your red stag

  8. Darrell Ayres

    I very much enjoyed your video. I have been shooting traditional archery my whole life. I started when I was 8 years old. I am now 67. You hit the nail on the head. It is a spiritual event. It connects us with our suroundings. I hunt, I target shoot, I tournament shoot, I teach.
    I am a pastor of a Cowboy Church in Blanco, Texas. Every year I put on an archery clinic for my congregation. It consists of1 Sunday a month for 4 months, ending with a tournament. It is for all ages from 5 to105. We dress in costumes and have a great time. I use this to teach confidence, patients, and self control. I base the whole clinic on the scripture in Colossians 3:17 “What so ever you do in word or deed, do it unto The Lord Jesus Christ, giving thanks through Him to God The Father.”
    I recently had a book published that I wrote called”POINT OF 10,000 YEARS “. A fictional story about an arrowhead that travels through time and the impact on the lives of the people that touch it. The book ends with an autobiography of my life long interest in archery. The book is available on Amazon. Com, and Kindle.
    Thank you for sharing the Good news of Jesus Christ in your videos. And keep on with The Message.
    In closing I want to say that in my life I have shot all kinds of recurve and long bows. Some cheap, some very expensive. The bow I now shoot is a Samick Sage take down. This bow shoots every bit as well as the high dollar custom bows that I have owned. And in my life nothing has kept my interest like the flight of an arrow. (Except for my faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. ) God Bless you Brother.

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