The Hacker’s Club is coming soon!

The Catholic Hack logo, To be the Donkey Jesus rides today!Exclusive Content! The “Hacker’s” Club is coming soon!

Right now I am working on a members only subscription service for  Even though I will still be releasing free content, I am also working on some unique content that will add great value to you and, prayerfully, help better provide for my family.  At just $7/month, you will have access to tons of incredible materials… audio, video, articles, resources and more.

Here is a snippet of what is to come:

  • A full course on marketing for Catholic evangelists, ministries, parishes and more.
  • Exclusive detailed bible studies,
  • Resources offered nowhere else,
  • Monthly uploads of fresh content,
  • Special deals and freebies only for “Hacker” Club members.
  • One on one coaching for members on a variety of topics including, evangelization, Marketing for Catholics, apologetics, theology of the body and overcoming pornography addiction,
  • and so much more!

Stay tuned!