The Kolbe Club

Helping Catholic evangelist & organizations grow their online audience and increase their reach & impact for the Glory of God!

Saint Maximilian Kolbe… pray for us!

Resources that will help you to grow your audience online:


The Facebook Group:  This is a private Facebook group designed to allow Catholic evangelists the opportunity to share and strategize on what is working to build and grow our impact, reach and influence online… for God’s Glory and the salvation of souls. If you want in, click the link and send a request.



The Podcast: This podcast helps Catholic evangelists and organizations learn how to grow or further develop their audience, influence and impact on YouTube and beyond. All for the Glory of God.  In episode no. 1, I introduce myself, why I’m doing this, who it’s for, what I hope to accomplish and more.

  1. The Begining – an introduction to what I hope to accomplish and who I am. 
  2. 10 Mistakes Catholics are making on YouTube and how to fix them.



YouTube tips for Max Growth: This is a full video course, produced by Joe McClane, on how to grow and build a YouTube channel. This course was produced back in July of 2015 so, it is a bit dated but, still VERY good info. 

Chrome Plugins to help you grow your channel:

Tube Buddy: This is an affiliate link. If you sign up for a paid account, I would get a small commission. I have a paid account and use it ALL the time. Feel free to use just the free version.

VidIQ: I use the free version of this plugin. It is especially good at optimizing a new upload as well as deconstructing the success/failure of someone else’s video. 

My top 10 YouTube strategy channels that YOU should follow.

  1. Derral Eves –
  2. Tim Schmoyer –
  3. Tube Buddy –
  4. Roberto Blake –
  5. Brian Johnson –
  6. VidIQ –
  7. Think Media TV –
  8. Creator Academy –
  9. Nick Nimmin –
  10. Video Influencers –