Man Fully Alive

“Did not our hearts burn…” Luke 24:32

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“I have come to bring fire upon the earth, and would that it were already enkindled!” These are the words of Our Lord, Jesus in Luke 12:49. In this talk, given at the 2015 Amarillo Catholic Men’s Conference, we feel the burning heart of Jesus burning in our chests… that we might become “Man Fully Alive” for our wives, our children, and our communities!

Omar said – “You lit it up in Amarillo. Boom boom. Boom boom

Steve said – “Wow. Got here just in time to listen Joe’s great message. ‘BE A MAN ALIVE’.”

Dcn. Andy said – “Awesome talk by Joe McClane! Listen to the heart beat pounding!”

   Miguel said – “Joe McClane is on fire!!!”   

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