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Do you run a Christian ministry? Written a book? A public speaker? Host events? Or maybe you run your business from your Christian worldview? I want to help you spread your message!

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I want you to be successful for the Glory of God and the salvation of souls! Since 2007 I have hosted multi-day evangelization conferences for thousands of attendees, traveled the USA and beyond as a public speaker, written a book, sold product to a worldwide audience, produced video and audio evangelization materials, as well as built an audience and donor base for the Catholic radio station I manage here in Houston – the 4th largest city in the USA. I’d like to share my experience with you. 

Get two hours of focused consultation, learn the techniques that can reach your audience,  both offline and online for an introductory rate of only $99.


How will I help you?

  • I will help you optimize or develop your ministry/business brand.
  • I will help you identify your audience and your key value proposition.
  • I will help you maximize your social media foot print.
  • I will help you build an engaged audience.
  • I will help you leverage video, audio, emails, texts, phone calls, and direct mail campaigns. 
  • I will help you put it all together into a strategic game plan to accomplish your goals.

A little can go a LONG way!

Let me show you what I mean; the power of a few simple techniques being put to good use can have a dramatic effect. Let’s take YouTube for instance.  YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, not to mention, there are now more viewer minutes spent on YouTube than on the “boob tube.”  As Christians, we should see this as an opportunity to share our faith with the whole world, therefore we should learn to do this well. 


YouTube-Channel StatDo you see this screen shot from my YouTube channel? I opened my YouTube account back in 2008 and yet my channel has only 149k views.  Frankly, that is not impressive for a channel that is now seven years old.  But, what if I told you that 63k of those 149k views have been from just the past 6 months alone?  Thats almost half of ALL my views in only 6 months! That is a phenomenal increase in a short span of time! In fact, I have also seen more than 600% increase in subscribers  of my channel in the same time frame!  Here’s the best part, I’ve accomplished this with very simple techniques that can be easily duplicated, and all for well under $50.


For the first six and half years I just uploaded videos and hoped for the best; it never worked. Six months ago, I got serious about it, and implemented a strategy that is paying off… only I’m not spending a lot of money to achieve these results. Now, my Channel views have grown more than 750% in just 6 months!  I can show you how to do this for yourself.   


YouTube Growth



JM-FB-PageOk, now let’s talk about Facebook. I have a Public Page with 11,500 likes. Honestly, it is NOT the best use of your marketing dollars nor your effort.  There are much better ways to utilize Facebook for ministry and business in my opinion.  For instance, groups, optimized posts and brand awareness ads.  This will bring a far better return on your time and money spent than a public or business page. However, I have learned the hard way that there are “tricks” so as to not waste your investment of time and money.  I can show you these tricks. 

Take a look at the results from the ads I’ve run in just the past year and a half on Facebook. Can you imagine reaching almost 1.5 million people for only .37 cents per thousand? Traditionally, this would be VERY expensive but, I have learned to do it at a fraction of the cost.  Facebook is a powerful platform for ministries and Christian business’, providing us the ability to reach people but, unless you know the right techniques, you can waste a lot of money.  

FB Ads


Why work with me?

  • I’ve been there…  starting with nothing and building a ministry with no money.  These techniques have been developed and tested over a lot of blood, sweet, and tears. 
  • I’m there now…  using these same techniques daily, both in my personal ministry, as well as for the Catholic radio station I manage in order to reach new people for the Glory of God!
  • My approach to ministry marketing is intentionally designed to maximize the exposure while keeping the marketing budget low.

What others are saying?

  • “Joe’s insights not only are practical and easy to comprehend, they are also proven to give huge results!!!” 
  • “Joe McClane really knows what works! The encouragement he gave me was just as important as the advice. Highly recommend!”
  • “Joe is a man of many talents, none greater than his willingness to serve the Lord by serving others. He is a passionate, tireless and knowledgeable consultant. If you ever have a chance to work with this man, take it.”

What can you expect?

I would love to show you these simple, easy to implement techniques to help grow your ministry today in a one-on-one video-call coaching session using either Skype or Google Hangout.  For only $99, you will receive two hours of comprehensive training including the following. 

    • Identifying your key value proposition.
    • Identifying your target audience and developing a strategy to reach them
    • Identifying free and paid marketing techniques that best fit your goals.
    • Evaluating your optimize your Facebook and other social media account(s). 
    • Evaluate and optimize your YouTube channel.

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  2. I will respond to you within 24 hours and provide you with potential dates and times for our conference call. Once we agree upon a meeting time, I will send you the link that allows you to make your payment prior to our meeting. 
  3. Now, we jump on a video call and get to work in reaching your goals! God is Good! 

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