YouTube Tips For Max Growth

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NOTE: This was produced back in July, 2015. Some of the information is a bit outdated now but, MOST is still good and useable.

Part One: Introduction – 10:06 : In this video we lay the ground work for the entire video course. We will discuss why you’re doing this, the platform, and what lies ahead.
Part Two: Setting Up Your Channel – 24:51 : In this video we make maximum use of the channel features to help establish your brand, communicate your key values, and reach your core customer. We apply the “3 Step Process” to each component and learn to communicate your message with clarity.
Part Three: Research Pays Off – 25:53 : In this video we role up our sleeves and do our homework, discovering what our viewers are searching for and where. With this information we can produce and optimize our videos on YouTube to ensure they are seen by exactly the right people.
Part Four: Production Pays Off – 31:48 : In this video we learn discuss the techniques to properly format your videos during the production phase in order to ensure the best result. We will discuss tips on format, length, quality, and more.
Part Five: Optimizing On YouTube – 1:04:25 : In this video we learn how to optimize your video for targeted “search engine” results, both on YouTube and other search engines. We will go over all the “tricks” to teaching YouTube what your video is all about and why they should deliver it to thousands of just the right viewers. 
Part Six: Driving Traffic – 35:55 : In this video we learn how to utilize both online and offline resources to drive traffic back to your videos and channel and kick start the SEO optimization. We also discuss a a few scenarios where you might consider running paid ads to also drive traffic.
 Part Seven: Conclusion – 8:23 : In this video we wrap up by looking at the big picture, focusing on our goals and utilizing a few tips to achieve them. We will also discuss monetizing your content on YouTube.