Memory Walk 2007

From: Amy Bentancourt


First, I want to say thank you so VERY much to those that have sponsored me!!! But, I am just under halfway to my goal of $500 for the Alzheimers Memory Walk 2007. I need your support and can’t do it without you all.
My Grammy was always a very generous and loving lady. She was a HUGE part of my life and an even greater influence!! By the end, my grammy was someone we didn’t know and she didn’t know us either (literally). The last weekend I spent with her, was so very hard. I could see her in pain and suffering. Her body was giving up on her and she wasn’t ready to go yet. She was coughing up stuff and her legs at the ankles and her feet were as swollen as 10 year old tree trunks. Her kidneys were shutting down. She was stuttering and stammering more than ever. She could no longer communicate her thoughts coherently. She had also become very angry and aggressive, so VERY much unlike the woman I knew before this ugly disease.
We were blessed, however; because she stayed at home all but the last week and a half of her life. My mother and brother and their families were there to care for her. But, at a huge price to pay emotionally and financially. Think about all the ones suffering without the means or the family to support them. And why can’t we come up with a cure?!? In this day and time, if scientists can play God and clone living beings, then why can’t we cure diseases?!? Well, for starters it takes money…and lots of it! I’m begging and pleading for your help! Please find it in your heart to give a little…even a dollar. Please help me make a difference in other Alzheimer’s patients lives. Skip that latte this weekend, that meal out, or that movie rental and help me help others in the memory of my grammy, Mary Lou.
I also invite you to join me this Sunday, at Mackenzie Park at 2pm to walk with me. There is a 1mile course and a 5k course…not sure which I will be doing yet. The more the merrier!!
I thank you all from the bottom of my heart and pray for God to fill your lives with peace and happiness!!