Name that metaphor! & win a FREE Scott Hahn CD set on the Gospel of St. John

ok… here’s what Im going to do… I will throw in a CD set of the talks from the last Fullness of Truth Conference in San Antonio with Dr. Hahn on the Gospel of St. John in addition to my CD set on pornography, sexual integrity, and recovery…. FREE to the first person who can tell me the correct metaphor used in Isaiah 1:18.

I will give you until 5 pm eastern TODAY!

Clue… stop thinking that God is taking our sins away….

Good Luck! I will post the audio clip of Scott Hahn explaining it at 5 pm eastern!

UPDATE: We have a winner!!!!

Congratulations to Scott from New Hampshire! Scott correctly guessed, after digging hard & diving deep, the correct metaphor used in Isaiah 1:18 is leprosy!  Sounds absolutely contrary to what we have always thought about this verse hu? Yep… me too but, above is an audio clip of Dr. Scott Hahn explaining this metaphor from a tape series on the book of Exodus.  It’s great stuff!!!  Please note: the audio quality is poor because I had to play the tape in my van and record it on my iPhone.  Not the most professional,,, especially for a HACK like me but… it gets the job done!  Enjoy!