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image of freedom from porn addiction cd set“Freedom From Porn!” – 2 Disc Audio CD Set: $10 ea + Shipping

Audio CD – 43 min. – “From Slavery to Son-ship: Free At Last”, recounts my addiction to pornography from a young age, to abortion,  perverse sexual education, and the overwhelming mercy of a loving Father who restores his prodigal Son from Slavery to Son-ship.

Audio CD – 44 min. – “Shame & Continence”, is a lecture on Blessed John Paul II’s chapter by the same name from his famous work, “Love and Responsibility”.  How does shame work in men and women? How does abuse of the gift of sexuality affect persons, relationships, families, and society as a whole? How can men overcome the power and draw of sexual temptation, through the use of shame & continence? All this and more discovered in this talk!


Freedom From Porn! 2 Disc Audio CD Set: Customize & Order
Price: $10.00




image of law of love cd set“The Law Of Love!” 1 Audio CD & 1 MP3 Disc Set: $10 ea + Shipping

Audio CD – 30 min. – “Law of Love” A reflection of the total self gift called for in the Garden of Eden & realized in the Garden of Calvary, given at the University of Houston Law Center in 2011.

MP3 Disc – 5 Hr. –“A journey through Salvation History” looking at the design, purpose, and perfection Christ obtained through his passion, death and resurrection. A total fulfillment of every covenant in scripture! Given in Ten Sleep, WY in 2011.

      1. “Why the Cross?”
      2. “The Coward Of The Garden” – Adam, Eve and the Garden
      3. “A New Adam, A New Creation, A New Lamb” – Noah to Isaac
      4. “A Savior Is Born, A Priest King Has Come” – Jacob to Solomon
      5. “Its A New Garden” – Garden of Gethsemane
      6. “The Law Of Love: The Total Self-Gift” – Garden of Calvary


The Law Of Love! 1 CD & 1 MP3 Customize & Order
Price: $10.00



 image of set-free-to-do-right-cd-set

“Set Free To Do Right!” – 2 Disc Audio CD Set: $10 ea + Shipping

Audio CD – 70 min. – “Reclaim your  freedom!” The sins of our fathers come back to haunt us and wreak havoc in our lives.  Living in a world so throughly “porno-fied”, how can we break free? Can we end the cycle of generational sin? Yes! In this talk we look at how God found me, and how, through His grace, we are FREE to LOVE and not slaves to lust.

Audio CD – 29 min. – “A man after God’s own heart!” King David is the only person in all of sacred scripture to be called a “Man after God’s own heart”, does that mean that everything David did was “ok” with Godf? What does it mean to be a man after God’s own heart? How can we claim this title for ourselves?


Set Free To Do Right! – 2 Disc Audio CD Set: Customize & Order
Price: $10.00





Image of the-kings-men-cd-set

“The King’s Men!” – 2 Disc Audio CD Set: $10 ea + Shipping

Audio CD – 49 min. – “The Provider!” Every man is called by God to be a leader, protector and provider, for those whom God has placed into his care and custody.  How often do we stop and contemplate this universal calling?  In this talk on “providing” we focus on our Lord and what he provided us… a Church, a family… His very life poured out in the sacraments!

Audio CD – 39 min. – “Mighty Men of God!” Our mission is to serve the King as evangelists, and to be witnesses to a culture so opposed to our faith. More than just a “personal” relationship, the King of creation has poured out His life for each of us, setting us apart from all others, so that we may be used to bring back all of His other children into the one, holy, Catholic and apostolic Church.  We are called to be His “Mighty Men,” may God give us the grace to see it through.


The Kings Men! – 2 Disc Audio CD Set: Customize & Order
Price: $10.00




Image who-we-are-in-jesus-cd-set

“Who We Are In Jesus!” – 2 Disc Audio CD Set: $15 ea + Shipping

Audio CD – 58 min. – “Who do you say that I am?” If our Lord would endure so much for you, to witness for you before all,,, are you prepared to witness for him to the world?  Together we will look at our “personal” relationship with the King of the Universe and how we can “… Always be prepared to make a defense to any one who calls you to account for the hope that is in you” (1 Peter 3:15).

Audio CD – 43 min. – “Ascension & Mission: Martyrs to the ends of the earth!” With the gift of the presence of Christ comes the task to be his martyrs, His witnesses, to HIS brethren to the ends of the earth. Let us stop looking up and storing up, and begin living up to our mission to live for Christ today, learning our faith, living our faith, and sharing our faith.


Who We Are In Jesus! – 2 Disc Audio CD Set: Customize & Order
Price: $10.00