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Behold The Man No. 55 The 12 Son’s of Israel

Today, on “Behold The Man” we see how Jacob fathered his 12 sons… not quite the “text-book” approach you would hope for in a patriarch of the people of God. ┬áStocked full of wives, children, and live stock… Jacob makes off with his riches for the land of his father; will Laban let him go? […]

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Behold the Man No. 54 Jacob Meets His Match!

Today, on “Behold the Man” we continue in our study of “A Father who keeps His promies”, chapter 6, looking at how Jacob meets Rachel his wife. We see the comparisons to the Woman at the Well in John 4 and the Marriage feast opf the Lamb in Revelation 21 and 22. * The SHOW […]

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