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Verses I would NOT have written had I gotten the protestant “memo”! 1 Corinthians addition

Well IF (noticed I tried to use a big IF) that’s true, then it would seem to me that St. Paul must have missed a whole bunch of memos from the home office. I mean if I were St. Paul, and I was the “consumate Protestant”, rejecting the Catholic Church, holding up doctrines such as “the bible alone”, “faith alone” , “once saved always saved”, “there is no purgatory”, “the Eucharist is only a symbol”, “pastors are free to marry” and so many others… then I would have NEVER written verses that seemed to suggest anything to the contrary of my beliefs.

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Verses I would NOT have written IF I believed in Sola Fide: Romans Edition!

Many well intentioned Christians believe that St. Paul teaches the doctrine of Sola Fide, or “Faith Alone”, in the book Romans.  In fact this book served as the spark that ignited the protestant revolution across Europe in the fifteen hundreds. Martin Luther even went so far as to ADD a word to his translation of Romans 3:28 […]

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Behold The Man No. 68 Once Saved Always Saved

  [powerpress]This week on “Behold the Man”, we look at the protestant doctrine of once saved always saved. Can one be assured of eternal security… no matter what they do? No, why? Because we must endure to the end. * The SHOW NOTES, click HERE, to download a PDF copy. * Watch the VIDEO version of […]

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