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Behold The Man No. 34 The Tomb is Empty!

Image of resurrection

[Note: This was originally postes back in 2010] Today, on “Behold The Man” we praise God for making it through the desert of Lent, the pain of Good Friday, and reaching the empty tomb &¬†resurrection¬†glory! The new Adam accomplished what the first Adam refused to do… stand in the gap! NOTE: I need to correct […]

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Behold The Man No 76 Redeemed Through the Waters of Creation Part 2!

[powerpress]This week on “Behold The Man”, an evil and adulterous generation seeks a sign, only Jonah will be given them! We enter into the depths of Christ’s death, and stay with him for 3days in the belley of Sheoul, to arise with him in newness of life. We are exploring how Jonah gives us a […]

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