TCH No. 85 Salvation History

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Today we finish up chapter 1 of “A Father Who Keeps His Promises” by Dr. Scott Hahn.  Thanks to St. Anthony Messenger Press we are treated to 10 minutes from the audio book!  Just how important is “covenant” in salvation history? “Covenant is what God does because covenant is WHO God is!” I also want to show just how important a role typology will play on salvation history by going showing you at least one example of how Christ fulfills all of the previous covenants in scripture.

Pick up your copy of the Book HERE and the audio book HERE and prepare yourself for the ride!

Audio content from “A Father Who Keeps His Promises,God’s Covenant Love In Scripture, copyright 1998 by Scott Hahn, Ph.D. Used with permission of St. Anthony Messenger Press, 28 W. Liberty St., Cincinnati, OH 45202. To order copies call 1-800-488-0488 or visit

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