The Catholic Hack! Episode No. 12 – Evolution?

Evolution – Science Fact or Science Theory?

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Welcome back to the Catholic Hack! This episode is a round table discussion, with Kevin, Ira, and Art, from the mens prayer group of St. Anthony of Padua parish in The Woodlands TX, on the topic of Evolution.

As Ira points out, so clearly, we need to be careful not to fall for the lie of “either science or faith”. There is truth in nature and truth in our faith…. Truth is a person… its Jesus Christ and Truth can not contradict itself. Therefore, we need to dive deep and discover Truth.
We have nothing to fear from science, in fact, I have no doubt, that science can show that life is anything but arbitrary. Science has already discovered that the cell is vastly more complex and intelligent they they had ever imagined. This is a witness to the glory of God. Please check out the article links and show notes above because I have some really great material for your reading pleasure. Please also search the Catholic Answers podcast (calender) archive for previous shows on Evolution. There is one from July and a couple from a few months back that were fantastic. Dr. Berlinski (“On the Origins of Life” – Link above) did an hour on Catholic Answers and I highly recommend it… its worth searching for.
The bottom line? We need to question what we are being told about Darwinian evolution…. To many evils are being perpetrated and backed up by the excuse that we simply evolved by arbitrary chance. Not so! There is consequence to action and we can not allow ourselves a “get out of jail free card” on our sin nature.
If science can show life originated with/from an intelligent design…. with a purpose… and not arbitrary… then there must be an objective morality… a right and wrong… and therefore there is consequence to action. People simply do not want to accept that they have to account for the choices they have made.
So the argument is not about science at all… we have nothing to fear from good science… its about the two great lies.God Bless
Joe M
The Catholic Hack!