The Catholic Hack! Episode No. 14 – Priestly Celibacy

The Priestly Celibacy – A beautiful discipline practiced by the Eunuchs following the lamb… or a Doctrine of demons?


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Show Notes: TCH No 14 – Priestly Celibacy

Catholic Answers Tract on Priestly Celibacy
The Pope John Paul II Society of Evangelization Tract on Priestly Celibacy

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Welcome back to The Catholic Hack!

In episode no 14 I wanted to take on the discipline of the Priestly celibacy. Notice I didn’t say the doctrine but the discipline… that’s because its possible that the Church could change this to having the “norm” for Latin Rite Priests to be married. I wouldn’t put my money on it but its possible none the less.

The beautiful thing about Priestly celibacy is that it is a foreshadowing to the state we can all expect once we enter into the beatific vision in heaven. I other words… once we are joined to God for all eternity we are neither marred nor given in marriage (Matt. 22:29).

When we take the words of Jesus and St. Paul in conjunction with the words of Isaiah and Jeremiah… its easy to see how the Priest is obeying Jesus by becoming a eunuch for the sake of the Kingdom of Heaven. They are giving up all they have to follow the Lamb wherever he goes. They are the Eunuch’s whom the King of Kings trusts with his bride… The Church.

God Bless
Joe M
The Catholic Hack!