The Catholic Hack Episode No 26 –Tarek Saab

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Show Notes:
Tarek Ibrahim Saab (born September 24, 1978 in New Bedford, Massachusetts) was a candidate on NBC’s The Apprentice 5. He is the CEO of Lionheart Apparel, a men’s clothing line he founded after his debut on The Apprentice, and has been named Kipling’s “Who’s Who Among Executives and Business Professionals” for 2008. He is a popular Catholic speaker and his forthcoming book entitled Gut Check: Confronting Love, Work and Manhood in Your Twenties is slated to release March 1st, 2008 through Spence Publishing.

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Say hello to Tarek Saab! Tarek, among being on the TV show The Apprentice, is the CEO and co-founder of Lionheart Apparel. Taerk has a great message to share with us about living and working our faith in daily life. Tarek’s pro-life, man of God, message in life, and in business, is refreshing and inspires us to stand up for what we believe to be true. I have a feeling you will enjoy this interview and I hope that you stop by Lionheart’s website and pick up some of the great products that Lionheart is offering. Tell them The Catholic Hack! sent you.

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