The Catholic Hack Episode No 34 – Merry Christmas

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Welcome Back!

Merry Christmas from the McClane family! We have been praying for you! Today I wanted to share my family with you since, normally, all you hear is me rambling on. We wanted to tell you about how we have prepared, and celebrated the Advent season and the Christmas weekend. I hope you enjoy your Christmas as much as we did.

Great News! Christmas came early this year for The Catholic Hack! podcast. The SQPN network has picked up The Catholic Hack! as an affiliate podcast. This is a real blessing. This will allow the podcast to reach an even greater audience around the world. With so many fantastic podcasts out there to choose from… I am really honored to be one of the five chosen. Thank you to all the listeners who have supported me and sent in your feedback or left me a review on iTunes. Your support is how this podcast has made the list!

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  1. Steve

    Lucky boy to get such a nice gift! What kind of telescope is it? The camera, is it a CCD? looks like you need a lunar filter. Have you checked Orion telescopes website yet? theyve got a great catalog they’ll send to you, free of charge.

    Also, I suggest that you get a Star Target Planisphere, until he gets the hang of the constellations and the path of the eliptical anyway.

    Just found your podcast via Itunes last night.Doubly piqued my interest, (besides the catholic aspect)as my wife grew up in the Woodlands, went to McCullough High school.

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