The Catholic Hack! Episode No. 4 Infant Baptism

Habemus Pravulus! – We Have a Baby!

Welcome Back to the 4th Episode of the Catholic Hack. In this show I wanted to announce the birth of my son, John-Paul, and to take this opportunity to discuss Infant Baptism. I was kind-a rushed for time on this one so please forgive me for blazing through the scripture references and not sounding as polished as I should. There are some good references I want to share with you on this topic:

1. A great site for looking up Greek words in the New Testament is

2. Some Great materials for Infant Baptism are:


3. I also took a lot from the chapter on Baptism form the following book:

4. Here is another very good pamphlet on the subject of Infant Baptism:

5. And of course you can never go wrong with the Catechism of the Catholic Church

I am also attaching my outline for the show which contains all the referenced versus as well as the Church Fathers that I read from in the show –The_Catholic_Hack-Episode_No_4_Infant_Baptism.pdf – (see also the first comment on this entry). When it comes down to it once we realize that Baptism removes our original sin, enters us into covenant relationship with God and is a free, one way, gift from God it’s not hard to see how it was intended for everyone with out exception to age. I believe this was the intent from the very beginning. Please continue to pray for my family and may God bless you.

In Christ