The Catholic Hack! Episode No. 6 – The Authenticity and Historicity of Scripture

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In this show I wanted to talk about the authenticity and historicity of sacred scripture. I know that this covers a very wide range of issues (none of which I did a good job of covering). This topic has been weighing heavy on my heart because I have been in many situations where I have discussed the authorship of St. John’s Gospel (as well as the others but in particular St. John’s) as well as the timing.

It is frustrating to see so many good Catholic clergy and laymen misled by modern (of recent origin) theories of the authorship and dating of scripture. Also, there is a myth that the scriptures are not reliable for scientific or historical facts. So I decided to discuss these topics in this weeks Catholic Hack! Podcast.

You should be warned that I was feeling very rushed to get this done and I really don’t feel that I did justice to this topic. I would HIGHLY recommend that you check out the links I provided in the show notes at because these materials really address this topic far better than I ever could and after all I’m only a hack and I want you to read the Scholars who know what they are talking about.

Also, Catholic Answers just put out a 1 hour show, which you can down load at , about the Historical reliability of Scripture with Tim Staples, Dr. Brant Pitre and Michael Barber. (Be sure to go to June 25th on the calendar.) This is a fantastic show and these guys are real scholars… check’em out!


Ok… I think I’ve gone on long enough… (especially after all my points in the show notes and my ramblings in the show) and I really wish I could have taken more time in preparation but with my beautiful son JP here I have been trying to not spend as much time on podcasting. I need to help my wife out more. Pray for me… and her!


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