The Catholic Hack! Episode No. 9 – Our Judgment!

A Saint among sinners!

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In the end all we have left is our love, everything else is burned away. Will we have anything left? Have we loved as we were commanded? Mary Lou Brown loved! She spent an entire life time loving in self-sacrifice. She preached the Gospel with out ever quoting a verse.

Grandma Brown, pray for us!

God Bless

Joe M

The Catholic Hack!

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  1. Marc

    Thank you so much for sharing this Joe. It was very touching! I was wiping tears throughout the show. Just keep in mind though that your temporal loss is the whole world’s spiritual gain. Hearing you talk about your grandmother, I can only picture her interceding on the world’s behalf during the Heavenly liturgy.

    Grandma Brown, pray for us!

  2. Michelle McClane

    You know what has been on my heart for a while now,,,

    Your mom needs to be acknowledged also for her loving sacrifice and gospel witness to us all.

    Here is a woman who does not profess faith,,Yet,,she made strides of love to move your grandmother from Indiana so she doesn’t live alone in her last years,,,
    She has made changes in both her homes to accommodate your grandmother’s wheelchair,,
    She tended to your grandmother,,helping her in and out of the door to the back patio when your grandmother was up for it to go outside even for a few minutes,,,She did your grandmothers laundry,,she made sure she got to her doctor’s appointments and got her medication,,taking her out,,Getting her home to die in peace at home,,even if she only lived at home for just another 24 hours,,she made it happen,,promised to bring her home to Indiana and is making it happen to hold her funeral and to be buried in Indiana,,

    At the end when your grandmother had her last meal on a Tuesday,,we were in grammy’s room on Thursday evening,,your mom was holding grammy’s hand and I was trying to get your mom to go eat something,,I said to your mom,,”mom you haven’t had anything to eat in a couple of days now”,,she responded in a low voice rubbing grammy’s hand in tears and said,,,”neither has she”,,,then after grammy died Friday night,,late we got food,,but after she said grammy was freed from her chair and had new legs,,she then ate her supper.

    Although she didn’t make it known,,,she was offering sacrifices and fasting,,that to me is amazing for a woman who doesn’t profess faith. That has had an impact on me.

  3. The Pillar Cast

    Dude, great tribute to your Grandmother. Isn’t it amazing that God brought you into His Church and used you to further bless your Grandmother with the sacrament of baptism for this very worthy woman?



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