The Catholic Hack! News Update

Welcome Back!

Thought I might send out a note with some up and comings for The Catholic Hack! podcast. My interview with John Martignoni, of EWTN Open Line and, was pushed back to Friday 11/16/07 so look for that to be posted over the weekend.

On Saturday, November 24th I will be recording my interview with Tarek Saab from The Apprentice TV show and Lionheart Apparel ( Tarek has a strong Pro-Life message and I’m eager to share with you.

On Monday, November 26th I will be recording the first in my series on the Holy Rosary. For that podcast I’m fortunate to have a couple of special guests for you… Greg and Jennifer Willites from the Rosary Army and SQPN ( We will talk about the history of the Rosary, the prayers, the devotion, and the Rosary Army.

On Tuesday, November 27th I will be recording my interview with Carl Olson author of Will Catholic be left behind. This should be a great discussion on the Catholic position on the end times. Will there be a Rapture? Stick around… let’s talk about it.

Interviews I’m still trying to nail down:
Mark Brumly, president of Ignatius Press, Jim Burnham, Catholic Answers Apologists, and Mike Aquilina, author of The Mass of the early Christians and vice president of The Saint Paul Center for Biblical Theology, have all tentatively agreed to be guests but I have not yet secured a date. I have also been trying to reach out to Michael Barber, and Dr. Marcellino D’Ambrosio ( but, so far, have not been able to establish contact. Do me a favor… pray that the Holy Spirit will nudge them to reach back as I feel they have a lot to share with The Catholic Hack! listeners.

Great News!
The Saint Paul Center for Biblical Theology has given me the green light to use their course material on the podcast. If you have not already done so… go to and check out what they have to offer. This is a fantastic resource and I think you will agree. After Thanksgiving I will be working on this series, called the Salvation History series, which will be more like an audio bible study that you can follow along with. You will need to register with the Saint Paul Center though (its free) and please tell them The Catholic Hack! sent you.

There’s a lot of exciting stuff coming up on The Catholic Hack! so stick around and enjoy. If you have not already done so… please consider buying a Catholic Hack! T-Shirt today. They are only $11 and all of the money is going to support, not only this podcast, but a Catholic owned business… Catholic families trying to live the Gospel and spread the Good News. Stop by the online store today at and pick up a mug and T-Shirt and become a Hacker like me.

Thanks for all the support.

God Bless
Joe M
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